Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Back In The Game

I haven't been blogging lately. I have ideas in my head, but it never feels right. As I write this, Comic-Con International is having their preview night, and I'm bummed that I'm not there. I have a rant about how The Amazing Race shouldn't win an Emmy for the fourth consectutive year. I'm freelancing for a new publication -- Beyond Race Magazine -- and I'm looking to distrubute issues to places on Staten Island. I might be volunteering for Stephen Harrison in his campaign to unseat Congressman/general asshole Vito Fosella. It's not that my life is that dull...I just don't feel like coming here every day.

I figure the apathy set in when I decided not to recap Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Fresh Meat. I looked at the cast, took a breath, and decided that I couldn't be bothered this season. After nine episodes, I can make the following conclusions:

1. Coral rocks.

2. Tina needs to shut up.

3. Anybody from Real World: Austin can't get off my TV fast enough (except for Lacey)

4. Tina really needs to shut up.

5. Theo's funny, but he's not as funny as he thinks.

6. Tonya's a total train wreck.

7. Katie's an alcoholic, Eric's a fat stooge, and they deserve each over.

8. Seriously...shut UP, Tina.

See what I mean? No real surprises this season, and the "Fresh Meat" don't make too big of an impact. I needed a break...not from the drama itself, but from constantly taking notes and writing about it. What's the problem with that? Well, this blog was started as a "screw you" to a certain web site that did me wrong. I stopped recapping, the need to talk here dissipated. Well...I'm making a commitment right now. I will be recapping Who Wants To Be A Superhero from Sci-Fi.

I've been meaning to recap this show forever. Back when I was at that certain site, I was promised the gig to cover what promised to be a total fiasco. Then it turned out some other recapped called dibs, so that was that. WWTBAS has been bouncing from network to network. Hell, I picked up an application at CCI the last time I was 2003. Recapping this show won't be a middle finger to the offending site, but it's something that combines my fondness for reality television and comic books. And while I'm not fond of recapping hour-long shows, I'll have a mere six episodes to work with.

Look for a preview entry within the next week. And if you think I'll be holding back the snark on people who willingly call themselves "Fat Momma" and "Cell Phone Girl"? Yeah, right. Snarking days are here again.