Tuesday, March 29, 2005

The Inferno (2004)

How do you make an Inferno? Take the Gauntlet, the brillant endgame that forces one player out, and put Fear Factor stuff in there. Make the Infernos happen every other week, and give the teams a complicated process to decide who gets to go. Throw in folks like Veronica, Abram and Julie, along with a host that makes Jonny Moseley look like Phil Keoghan, and you have a strong contender for "Worst Challenge Ever" honors.

Once Upon A Time In Acapulco A look back at The Inferno from 2017

Feeling the Burn – Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Inferno Preview My impression of the upcoming season and its players.

Battle Scars: From the Gauntlet to the Inferno A look back at Gauntlet, a look ahead at Inferno. Also features the seldom-seen "Melissa Will Kill You" t-shirt.

Episodes 1 & 2: Out of the Frying Pan… Julie tries to kill Veronica, Syrus tries to prove he's not that old, Katie attempts to choke down worms. Yep...just another night in the Challenge.

Episode 3: Enter the Wiznitch Trishelle yells at Mike and Coral, then is stunned when she's put into the Inferno. Plus: Yellowcard, and one of the cooler missions in some time.

Episode 4: Hollyday Holly pulls a double shift, as she convinces a troubled Katie to do a mission, and tries to eat more peppers than Trishelle. So long, Trashy! Say "hi" to Andy Dick for us!

Episode 5: Disco Inferno Something with disco, dominoes and Seventies fashion. Also, Mike gets his annual fling underway with Kendal.

Episode 6: Hearts Afire Katie blows a mission so bad, the RW side carries her off the field. Plus: Trishelle causes trouble from home. Somebody get me a stake.

Episode 7: Net Loss Julie vs. Coral, Round One. Who cares about nets and Drama David throwing a fit?

Episode 8: Sleep Now in the Fire Road Rules tries to send Katie into the Inferno, but Christena screws the plan up. In other news, Veronica takes a guacamole bath and we're treated to the most boring endgame ever deviced, with two of the most boring women ever to play.

Episode 9: Hot Bargains The kids try and sell stuff to cruise passengers. David can't get it out of first gear, CT wears a thong, and Abram gets a Mohawk.

Episode 10: Hail to the Hero After watching Leah suffer a panic attack, we need a miracle to make this episode good. Enter CT and his ultimate sacrifice. Bye, Shane!

Episode 11: Plot Twist A shooting contest, double overtime...and Julie vs. Coral, Round Two. Oh, and Julie wants to wrestle Coral. Poor Julie.

Episode 12: Born to Lose Road Rules messes up a mission to send Katie into the Inferno...and it works. But after Abram humilates Katie in the process, can any of us really hate her? Plus: Julie's last stand, as mentioned as Kim's "The Most Awesome Thing I Saw on TV Last Week."

Episode 13: Relapse Leah comes back to play, just as CT reverts back to his asshole ways.

Episode 14: The One Where Kendal Messes Up Witness the rare event of both teams throwing a mission. RR tries yet again to screw Katie over, but an unwitting Kendal screws them instead. Watch as she gets double-teamed by her crew and boyfriend Mike, Leah clashes with CT, and I find a brand-new Axis of Ass.

Episode 15: Penultimate Panic First comes the Inferno From Hell, as everybody snipes on everybody else, and David jumps around naked (don't ask). Afterwards, Coral and Veronica try and pull their respective fats from the fire.

Episode 16: Eruption Katie goes into the Inferno and wins. Katie rips into Veronica. Katie contemplates throwing the final mission to piss off her own team. I love Katie.

Episode 17: Blaze of Glory Another finale, another obstacle course, another way for Coral to look bad on TV. Just be glad it's over.

Montezuma’s Revenge: Inside the Inferno Lala picks over the Challenge with the surviving players. Learn about Julie's bathroom habits, find out which RW cast member Darrell goofed on, and because you did not demand it? A preview of Road Rules: X-Treme!