Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Battle of the Sexes 2 (2004-2005)

Take the concept of the first Battle of the Sexes. Scrap the Inner Circles with the top three players. Make the teams choose three leaders for each mission. If the team wins, the leaders pick off a follower. If the team loses, the followers send a leader home. Mix with crappy missions and a 30-something guy there to pimp jumpropes. The result? The worst Challenge ever...a Challenge so bad, it was a part of me getting kicked off a major recapping site for being too negative. Dude, you try watching the girls get crushed every week.

Battle Lines: Real World/Road Rules Battle of the Sexes 2 Preview A quick overview of the show, as well as some predictions. Try not to laugh too hard when looking at who I chose to be the final women's team.

A Preview of the Men's Team A dossier of the dudes.

A Preview of the Women's Team A dossier of the dames.

He Says/She Says: Battle For The Battle Of The Sexes 2 The recap of the MTV preview show. Watch Challengers past and present crack wise on the upcoming season.

Episodes 1-2: Follow the Leaders The field of 36 hang onto punching bags over the water. Angela and Cameran show their brand of team spirit, Derrick shows his frog whispering talents, Sophia has her first Elimination Hill breakdown, and two likable RW alumni go home far too soon.

Episode 3: Slither Something with snakes and poker chips. Also: Tonya starts to go wild, Adam busts out his unique rapping, and Ace dorks his way out of Santa Fe.

Episode 4: Meltdown Witness the spetacle of man-on-man-on-man action. Veronica: "Blow and suck! Blow and suck! Use your hands!"

Episode 5: Choose to Lose "I slept in my uniform last night because I wanted to win today!" Thanks, Ayanna. Hope the therapy holds up this time.

Episode 6: Hope Floats The good news? The ladies finally win a mission. The bad news? They decide to keep an albatross and send home a RW legend. It's the opposite of hellacool.

Episode 7: Showdown The kids compete in a paintball shooting mission, which is pretty cool. Also: Shawn picks his time to shine.

Episode 8: Squirm We got honey, straws, roaches, worms, and other people's mouths. The bright side? Mike and Rachel finally go home.

Episode 9: Swing For It Arissa's fear of heights starts to hurt her team. Chris takes a detour to get hitched. Katie leaves with most of her dignity intact.

Episode 10: Pole Position Steven resumes being the punk he was in Las Vegas. Sophia gets her hair straightened out, which is very unnerving.

Episode 11: Trivial Pursuit It's a mix of pop culture trivia and ramp jumping. Witness Arissa's shining moment, and the girls make a questionable call. Also: Eric Nies and his love affair with the jumprope. Not recommended for the young or the squeamish.

Episode 12: Parannoyed Tonya punks out of leading the team, watches her squad lose in a meat-catching mission, then plunges a salad fork in Ibis's back.

Episode 13: The Smack Heard 'Round Santa Fe Steven hits Shane because he loves him. Or something. Anyway, Steven gets ejected, the women blow their advantage, and Tonya goes home to eat her weight in crazy wafers for the next Challenge.

Episode 14: Keep on Truckin' Coral gets her bitch on, giving grief to Robin and Eric. Arissa messes up again, but Robin walks the plank instead.

Episode 15: Are We Done Yet? The fellas screw Brad over, keeping him out of a leadership position. Arissa and Coral double-team Sophia, leading to Ruthie's dismissal and the worst of Sophia's breakdowns. Seriously...are we done yet?

Episode 16: Penultimate Present Mark adds insult to injury, throwing the mission to keep Arissa in the game. Oh, and Eric Nies makes the final men's team.

Episode 17: It's Over What do we have? Burly men in black, Jonny Moseley getting his Roadmaster on, the slightest flicker of hope for the ladies...and the guys shutting it off with extreme prejudice.

Battle of the Sexes 2 Reunion: Secrets From Elimination Hill Brad calls out his teammates for dumping him. Kina swiped Eric's jumprope and contemplated sending it back in pieces. Brad and Arissa got snuggly in Santa Fe. And this wasn't shown the first time because...? It's my last RNO recap ever. Borelli out!

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