Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The Gauntlet (2003-2004)

Prelude: Once Upon A Time In Telluride Reflections on The Gauntlet in 2017.

Tussle in Telluride: A Preview to ‘RW/RR Challenge: The Gauntlet’ My look into the upcoming season.

Showdown at the RW/RR Corral – Gauntlet Preview Episode Jonny Moseley and Coral take a look at The Gauntlet.

Episodes 1 & 2: Back in the Saddle Matt makes some new enemies...but at least God loves him. Also: the players deal with freezing waters and snakes, David gives life lessons, and Sarah survives a trial by fire.

Episode 3: When Drama Mamas Attack Something with puzzles and bull-riding, which leads to some drama between Katie and Veronica.

Episode 4: Mud & Guts A winning combination: mud, giant balls, and players hellbent to kill each other. Tonya gets hurt yet again, Steve puts his puzzle skills to the test, and an accident sends Trishelle to the medical place.

Episode 5: Rocky Roads The kids eat giant sundaes without using their hands. Yeah, it's as hygenic as it sounds. In other news, Rachel B. steps up big for her team, Katie takes the long walk, and Matt dances. Seriously...Matt dances. Alert the authorities!

Episode 6: Great Coral Grief An underachieving performance, a betrayal by a trusted friend. Welcome to the worst day in Coral's televised life.

Episode 7: Onward Christian Soldier Fat suits are funny, because the producers tell us so! Yeah, right. Matt gets a foot up his religious butt, Sarah experiences deja vu, and Irulan and Veronica go at it.

Episode 8: Nobody Beats The Miz Mike exercises his authroi-tah, even as it's being affected by his romance with Trishelle. This does not make Elka a happy camper. Also: rubber rafts, and Dave and Cara's relationship gets jeopardized.

Episode 9: Wild Blue Yonder The kids dogfight in the sky, and it is all that. Trishelle gets put into the Gauntlet against Steve and...oh. Oh, no. Oh, HELL no.

Episode 10: Masters of Their Domain Mike and Adam try to take control of their teams, but neither of them look good in the process (Mike thinks with the incorrect head, Adam is a tool). Trishelle gets sent into the Gauntlet against Sarah...and the result is the big middle finger to a lot of people.

Episode 11: Oedipus Rex Sarah takes an early elimination thanks to Laterrian, and the bulk of the team uses that as an excuse to sent her into the Gauntlet. Again. This time, against good buddy Rachel B. I rate it four heads in the over out of five.

Episode 12: Turn the Beat Around Adam eats crow on a giant turntable, Theo looks to a higher power for a mission win, and Laterrian finally gets what's coming to him.

Episode 13: Three’s Company After a disastrous mission, Sarah finds herself in the crosshairs yet again. But she gets bailed out by Theo, and Mike stomps on Abram. Later, Rachel and Veronica snipe on Sarah and Theo, then have sex with Abram. I wish I made that up.

Episode 14: Tubthumper The final trial of Sarah Greyson. Also, we get to see what Theo V. packs in his shorts. I didn't want to know, but there it is.

Episode 15: Penultimate Peril After some interteam bickering, we move to Veronica's efforts to save her ass from the Gauntlet. In the end, Coral and Theo G. are tied for a date, and Alton has to break the deadlock.

What Should Alton Do? Kneejerk essay on how Alton should break the tie.

Episode 16: Beginning of the End Alton has chosen...poorly. Oh, and Coral slowly starts to die in the final mission.

Episode 17: The Last Roundup Coral collapses, Mike and Nathan act like punks, and Sarah gets her just reward. Okay, so do Adam, Rachel R. and Veronica...but you gotta take the good with the bad.

Battle Scars: From the Gauntlet to the Inferno A look back at the past season, a look forward at the upcoming Inferno. Oh, and Rachel R. and Trishelle jump on Sarah some more. Losers.

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