Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Adventures In Toronto 2014: Prologue

For the fourth time, I'm going to Toronto. And yes, it's for their local plus-sized comic book convention: Fan Expo Canada. It's my annual trip to a large comic con, and I'm going to write about it as I go along. Hopefully, it won't be as . . .  eventful as my last trip up there in 2011, where my laptop went kablooey, and I wound up staying an extra day over a misunderstanding regarding Hurricane Irene. And there was the time in 2007 when I lost my sketchbook and camcorder on the final day of the con. Sure, I got my sketchbook back eventually, but I was a wreck after the con.

There is one wrinkle for me this time: my mother is coming with me. If you'll recall, I accompanied her to Atlanta in April to see the pandas and the other sights of the city. Well, she's heard enough about my three trips to Toronto to see what the fuss is about. I'll be with her tomorrow and Thursday morning, then we'll split up. I'll be doing the convention, while she will do the tourist bit. Hopefully, we'll both have a good time.

The fun starts tomorrow. I have my sketchbook, five blank-covered comics, and plenty of references. I just hope that the bad luck bug doesn't bite me in the butt like in the past.

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