Saturday, April 16, 2005

Miscellaneous Stuff

While my chosen beat was The Real World/Road Rules Challenge, I did write about other shows. Before I got started on Dog Days, I wrote a few essays, including a rather imaginative fantasy scenario based on Survivor: Marquesas which got some huge laughs. Also, I contributed to several roundtable discussions, back when I was still chummy with the other writers. Here is the rest of my efforts at RNO.

Group Efforts

Roundtable: The Survivor Thailand Preview and Predictions I added my two cents in the end, saying that Ted would win. I came up three days short on that one.

Mini-Roundtable: 'Amazing Race 3' Final Three Forum I make my case for Ken & Gerard winning. They ended up in third. And that's why I don't gamble.

Wild Speculation on the 'American Idol' Wildcard Twist I honestly don't remember this. I think I suggested David Broom come on, but that's it.

Roundtable: Survivor's Outcast Twist - Great Idea or Unfair Rule Change? Commenting on the biggest outcast twist this side of "Hey Ya!"

Roundtable: Survivor: All-Stars Predictions My projected winner? Rob Cesternino. I'm a dummy. On the bright side, I had Amber Brkich as a sleeper pick.

Who Should Win the Survivor Viewers' Choice Million? Rallying together to prevent Rupert from getting an undeserved payday. Needless to say, we failed.


Maraamu In The Midst: A Journal from Tammy Leitner Warped fanfic casting the Rotu tribe as anthropologists and Maraamu as...well, you'll have to read it.

A Different Vision of the Possible All-Star Survivor Post-Marquesas look at my idea of an all-star season.

Survivor's Draft Day: Judging the Thailand Picks Looking at Jan and Jake's picks from Day One.

A Look at the "Survivor: Inside the Tribe" DVD Because the local Saturn dealership didn't mind me not caring about their product. Also, we see Jenna lose her clothes on her audition tape.

If Drake Tribe Had a Camera Fanfic where the thriving Drake tribe salutes themselves and rips on Morgan.

Bunim-Murray Stuff

Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Fantasy Game My very first RNO article, dissecting's fantasy game for Battle of the Seasons.

Road Rules Changes Not for the Better After getting my heart broken by the ouster of Sarah from Campus Crawl, I look at the golden days of Road Rules, as well as the bleak present of pizzel shakes.

Real World/Road Rules: 19 Degrees of Reality Hookups Dan Renzi (RW: Miami) takes a look at the various relationships in BMP history, as well as connecting Mike and Malik of Back to New York with fifteen relationships.

Rest Of The Rest

Mole 2: What If It's Not Bill? After seeing one too many hints than Bill McDaniel is the Mole, I try to make a case for Al, Dorothy and Heather.

An Interview with Mole 2's Winner, Dorothy Hui It's a story that goes from our first encounter during the auditions to a Starbucks two days after her win.

Saving The Amazing Race With TAR on the brink of possible cancellation following its fourth season, I make a plea for fan support. Bonus: picture of me with winning team Reichen and Chip! I still can't tell them apart.

VH1's 40 Greatest Reality TV Moments Part One: 40-21 I never got around to 20-1. Oops. Anyway, check out my reactions to Rob popping the question to Amber, Jessica Simpson wondering about chicken and tuna, P. Diddy sending out for cheesecake, and Flo's freakout in Vietnam. Also: some dude that wants to hunt down some other dude like cattle.