Saturday, April 16, 2005

Inferno II (2005)

Preview An overview of the upcoming season. Will this be a great season, or will it drive me to open cursing?

Bad Asses Are they bad? Or are they nothin'?

Good Guys A look at the "angels," including a guy who had been arrested at least twice, and a chick who peed on another person's bed.

Real World/Road Rules Challenges Uncensored MTV shows us stuff we've seen (Telluride threesome, the party at Cabo San Lucas), stuff we didn't know about (Human Catapult, the Sarah/Theo fling), and stuff we'd be better off not revisiting (LoogieGate).

Episode 1: Get Off My Beach! The teams are spilt between good and evil, and get tortured by Navy SEALs.

Episode 2: WWJD? Jodi botches a mission, Mike wriggles off the hook, and Jon sticks himself on the hook because he loves Jesus. The end result? Dan stays in the game, and Julie bawls like a baby.

Episode 3: She Said/She Said Tonya, Robin and Beth don't do any favors for women. Tonya goes nuts, Beth's stuff gets dunked in the pool, and Robin finds herself in an Infernal date with Tina.

Episode 4: Down For The Count The Bad Asses try and rig a mission to get rid of Beth, but it backfires. Tina finally gets over the hump in the inferno, and Robin gets to reunite with Mark the Dodgeball Boy.

Episode 5: Quitters Never Win After suffering several indignities, Beth leaves the show. Good riddance to bad drama queens. We finally get a clunker of a mission, Karamo and CT get bitchy against each other, and Abram goes on a roid rage.

Episode 6: Balls Out Karamo pushes the envelope by not competing in a dodgeball mission, further endearing himself to CT and Abram. In other news, Landon makes Mike feel like a punk, and Dave Mirra talks like he's on medication.

Episode 7: Switching & Bitching Julie has a cunning plan to switch nominations...and Jodi ends up taking the heat. Yeah, that seems fair. Also: the kids get to plug up dikes. It's not as dirty as you'd think.

Episode 8: Sting of the Verantula Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the most depressing episode of the new season. It's enough to make a person turn on Dan, he's that horrible.

Episode 9: Mean Girls The unholy trio of Rachel, Tina and Veronica pick on the slightly less horrible Tonya. Dan rips into Tina when she makes some harmless comments. Julie freaks out over heights. And the Bad Asses continue their quest of making Mike insane. Well, more insane.

Episode 10: Melvins & Meatheads The worst episode Brad has ever been in, and that includes the times he spent the night in the pokey. He receives an atomic wedgie, gets picked to replace Mike in the Inferno, and loses in the Inferno to Abram.

Episode 11: Have a Cow We got cows, wolves, hay, and a riddle that even Julie knows. Also: Landon gets a crappy haircut, and Tonya and Julie get slated for a blonde-on-blonde Inferno.

Episode 12: Welcome to Walla Walla Tonya yearns from acceptance from her uberbitch teammates. Failing to get that, she stomps on Julie in the Inferno. The road to God is straight and narrow, and Julie fell off. Never gets old, I tell ya.

Episode 13: Pimp My Room The teams take a shot at interior decorating from memory. It's not that fun to watch, and it takes away from CT wanting Dan gone.

Episode 14: Got Crabs? CT vs. Dan! Darrell vs. Landon! Shoot, who needs the ladies' drama, when the men are bringin' it big-time! Also, Veronica has issues with crabs.

Episode 15: Penultimate Paranoia Tonya gets abuse from all comers, but she beats Shavonda in the Inferno

Episode 16: So Much For Our Unhappy Ending The Good Guys overcome smaller numbers to win, their victory tarnished by the Mean Girls' last swipes at Tonya.

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