Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Adventures In San Diego: Epilogue

It's been almost a week since I got back from San Diego. I didn't write about the flight back because there wasn't much to tell. I sat for about five hours, trying to look out the window from my aisle seat. It's weird...I get all sorts of angsty over random stuff, yet I have no problem looking out the window several thousand feet from terra firma. Prior to the trip, I did get ansty about the flights, especially after the London bombings. It's nothing paralyzing, but I do take a few deeper breaths thinking about it.

It was all about keep entertained. Once again, I had DirecTV in front of me. I don't think I flip around that long at home, but it kept me occupied. They also had movies, but they were The Sandlot 2 and Fever Pitch, so I passed. Biggest hassle was getting the luggage back. It's was about waiting at one carousel, getting directed to another, waiting what feels like an eternity, then getting back to the first carousel, where several pieces of luggage clog the doorway. After that, my mother and myself got escorted back to Staten Island, but not before a trip to get Chinese food. I had to get General Tso's Chicken, on the basis that it was late, and I only had a fruit salad and a few snacks on the flight. And it was no filling. I gotta lay off that stuff.

The weird thing was that for a few days afterwards, I felt sluggish and easily exhausted. I figured that I'd be getting up earlier due to the time differences. Nope...just tired. Not like I have a life where adjustments had to be made right away, though.

I don't know when I'll fly again. The plan is that I'd go to Toronto later this month for a comic book convention, which I reckon is the next best thing to going to CCI in San Diego. It would only be a 90-minute flight, so I can bail out the last night of the con. Coming back, I found that I got my passport. It's big, shiny, and includes what I think is a bad picture of me. I can go to just about anywhere in the world now. I'm almost 30 years old...the only other country I've been in is Canada (four days in Montreal on a bus tour, a stopover in Halifax on a cruise). Sure, it's lame to use it for Toronto, but hopefully it'll just be the start. I got friends in England, Mexico, and the Australia/New Zealand area, so they wouldn't have to come to me. All I'd need is some dough and some good walking shoes. I just hope that I never take world travel for granted.

Off-Topic Note #1: Before the trip, I met up with some online friends in the city. Check out the fun here.

Off-Topic Note #2: I got an entry idea on reality TV, but I gotta get this off my chest now. If you have GSN and have two hours to kill tonight, check out the second season finale of The Amazing Race at 9 p.m. It was the first TARCon I ever hit...and there's nothing like having Oswald (or was it Danny?) telling me that if I thought I was amazing, then I was fucking amazing. Then tomorrow night, the third season kicks off. Twins, mismatched brothers, cranky oldsters, and a force of nature disguised as an Italian girl from Staten it again for the first time.

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