Monday, August 29, 2005

Adventures in Toronto: Day Four & Conclusion

I'm back home on Staten Island. It's weird to think 7 a.m., I'm at Stephen's place. At noon, I'm home. Or maybe it's weird for me, since this is the shortest flight I've ever taken. I just spent the day resting and going over all the stuff I taped...and I screwed up a LOT of it. Oh, well. Guess I'll have to be patient.


I didn't go see the Blue Jays. Maybe next time. Stephen leads me through the Skywalk, which connects Union Station to the Centre and the Douglas Centre. And you can tell it was a game day, since guys were asking if we wanted tickets. Gotta love a city where you can scalp indoors.

Attended one last panel, a sketch duel between Michael Turner and Ian Churchill. I was expecting more of a "duel," where the artists had to crank out sketch after sketch. It was like getting a sketch in person...except you don't get it. Well, there was a free raffle. The conversation was nice, but I kept nodding off. I miss the DC Comics panel, with the previews and cover slideshows.

Got two more sketches, bringing my con total to six. I think that might be a low for me over a three-day period. I didn't see anybody else to get material from, and the folks at the ACTOR booth were charging $60. How low on dough was I? I didn't bother converting my remaining Canadian bucks to American today. I had $30-something in U.S., but I didn't go for it. In the end, I ended up with four unmarked pages in my book. I might try to fill it for the final two New York shows, but I'll probably invest in a new book by the time the big show hits NYC in Feburary. I'm thinking 50 pages, smaller that my old book, and hardcover. Right now, you can check out some of the stuff I've collected.

Afterwards, Stephen and me went to Exhibition Place. Total bonehead move on my part...I wanted to see the Canadian Sports of Fame, and that was only open on the weekend. Had I known, I would've just gone to a restaurant for one final dinner. Instead, I get into a situation that's like Coney Island, with rides and games, neither of which I'm into. Okay, if I had some more dough, I would've tried to have win something plushy for my mother. It wasn't a total loss...there was a building with various farm animals and babies, not to mention stuff sculpted from butter. Yeah, you heard me. I'd go back, but only if I had more of a clue on how to spend time.

We got back home late, and Stephen had to work on his webcomic, so I couldn't blog. I saw a bit of the MTV Video Music Awards, which was broadcast on MuchMusic. I thought I was recording it back home, but I programmed the box on the wrong channel. Worse, Stephen's coverage malfunctioned, so I missed out on who won Best Video. So now I gotta watch it tomorrow.


Not much to say. I got packed up. A cab picked me up. Stephen joined me to the gate, where we said our goodbyes. Gotta love a guy who can put up with me for five days. I went through customs, flew over the simmering Lake Ontario, kept nodding off, got off the plane, got my bags, and took car service back home. And thus ended another adventure.

Yes, I did get exhausted. Yes, there were times where I was wondering why the hell I was in Toronto. And I do wish that I got to see more of the city. But yeah...I had fun. I'll remember meeting Joyce and Kellen (hope I get the spelling right), a couple who was interested in what one of Stephen's online friends was like. I'll remember walking with a lady to the Centre, and finding out she worked at the Roy Thomson Hall. I'll remember Stephen being awed about a panel with Lois Lanes past (Margot Kidder) and present (Erica Durance, whom I still think is more Lana than Chloe), and how he got flashed twice by a girl in a Naruto costume. One day, I'll come back to Toronto. In the meantime, I'll do what I always do: rant, rave, and get a life. And this time, I mean it.

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