Saturday, December 10, 2005

TARCon In Trouble

Remember TARCon? I talked about it in's the party hosted by Television Without Pity forum dwellers to celebrate the season finale of The Amazing Race. Well...there's a problem. This time, instead of the Play by Play near Madison Square Garden, it's being slated to take place in Planet Hollywood. But the headcount has fallen below expectations. And according to one of the hostesses, there's a chance that TARCon might not happen at all.

Now, the prospect of no TARCon does seem vaguely appropiate, given the underwhelming nature of the family format. But misery loves company, and I'd need a LOT of company with two hours of the Weavers. And if they win? After Flo won TAR3 with Zach and Freddy & Kendra won TAR6, I can say that you need people to share the pain. Also, you hobnob with fans, recappers, Racers past and present (never guarenteed, but they come) and folks from other reality shows.

Here's the deal...if you're in the New York area, or will be in the area this here. Just look it over, think about it for a few minutes. I swear to you, it's an experience you won't soon forget, and it's worth the cover charge. If you live far away and know a friend in the area who would be interested, drop a line. I wouldn't be writing about this unless I was that concerned that TARCon really was going to fall through.

PS: My first Gauntlet 2 recap, "Debacle of Madness," will get put up tomorrow. Also, I gotta weigh in on the new format, as well as review the old Gauntlet and my plan to revise it. Right now, I'm hoping Alton serves up Danny and/or Jeremy like the punks they are, Adam gets humilated by a poser like Ace, and Ruthie dropkicks psycho Julie off her fourth straight Challenge.

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