Friday, February 22, 2013

Heroes For Heroes: The Toy Drive

In an effort to try and get Green Lantern: The Animated Series and Young Justice back on Cartoon Network's future plans, I've found myself open to new ways to pitch in. For instance, this Tumblr suggested donated toys to Ronald McDonald's House Charities; the rationale being that McDonald's has put DC Comics-based toys in their Happy Meals for years. McDonald's gets the message, they put the lean on Cartoon Network, and everyone lives happily ever after for a few more seasons.

Today, I sought out toys. Problem: I couldn't find action figures related to the shows. Granted, I could have gotten stuff tangentially involved with the programs, but I was in an anal mood. Visits to Toys R Us and K-Mart weren't fruitful, much to my surprise. For the hell of it, I hit a pharmacy, even though they aren't known for being warehouses for the latest and greatest stuff. But lo and behold, I found Young Justice stuff.

First of all, I know the quality of the picture isn't that great. I used my phone's camera, since I couldn't find the USB cable for my camera. I reckon these are among the first wave of Young Justice figures. There were also Black Canary and Captain Atom, but I figured a main cast member and villain would do.

On the left is Superboy. I know, t-shirt and jeans aren't that superheroic, but it's a good look. On the right is Vandal Savage, the immortal villain and one of the villains that comprise the cadre known as The Light. Both packages have pieces of the Hall of Justice. Get all of the action figures, assemble the Hall. As a child of the Eighties, I had the Super Friends Hall of Justice playset. Not a bad deal for $7.99 apiece.

I'll have to figure out how to send the figures, and then find GL:TAS stuff to donate. I know it's small potatoes, but at least I'm doing stuff for something I believe in. And I'm blogging more often, which is a nice bonus.

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