Saturday, April 20, 2013

Superman @ 75: My Sketches (Part One)

Anytime I get new sketches at comic shows or conventions, my first move is to scan them, followed by uploading them onto my ComicArtFans and Flickr accounts. Then I e-mail Andy Khouri over at Comics Alliance and submit the cream of my crop for CA's weekly feature, Best Art Ever (This Week). A few days ago, I sent over a few neat sketches I got at New York Comic Book Marketplace last Saturday. Imagine my surprise when this week's installment was all about Superman. The occasion: The Man of Steel's 75th anniversary.

I've been getting sketches on a regular basis since 2000. According to my CAF page, I've collected almost 600 sketches. I like to think that I'm not obsessive . . . though I did spend the past five weekends at comic shows of various sizes in the New York/New Jersey area. I could go for six tomorrow, but I figure that I need a break. Right now, I'd like to show off my Superman-themed sketches, starting with those from the first three books I had. Enjoy!

 Mister Mxyzptlk & Bat-Mite by Evan Dorkin (The National 2000)
Superboy by Joe Kelly (Wizard World Chicago 2001)
 Caitlin Fairchild (as Gen13) as Supergirl by Lee Bermejo (Wizard World Chicago 2001)
 Superman by Joe Kelly (Wizard World Philadelphia 2003)
Superman by Daniel Acuña (New York Comic Con 2006)
 Superman (Kingdom Come) by Barry Kitson (Baltimore Comic Con 2006)
 Supergirl by Joe Kelly (New York Comic Con 2007)
 Superman by Walt Simonson (New York Comic Con 2008)
Superman/Harvey Dent (Tangent Comics) by Jamal Igle (New York Comic Con 2009)
 Lois Lane by Tim Sale (Baltimore Comic Con 2009)

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