Sunday, April 21, 2013

Superman @ 75: My Sketches (Part Two)

Here are the rest of my Superman-related sketches. Ever since I broke in my second sketchbook in 2006, I've kicked off each book with a Superman sketch. Scroll over each sketch to get the artist and location information. If I get enough feedback, I'll post more themed sketch blog entries in the future.
 Superman by Dezi Sienty (King Con 2009)
 Power Girl by Michael Champion (Wizard World Philadelpha Comic-Con 2010)
 Supergirl by Jamal Igle (Jim Hanley's Universe Signing Event)
 Superman by Chris Cross (Jim Hanley's Universe Signing Event)
 Tyrell (Superman: Earth One) by Shane Davis (Midtown Comics Signing Event)

Superman One Million & Solaris (DC One Million/All-Star Superman) by Edwin Huang (Wizard World: Big Apple Comic Con 2011)

Lex Luthor by Lee Bermejo (New York Comic Con/NYCC 2011)

Superman by Nick Mockoviak (Superheroes For Hospice Show 2011)

Orange Lantern Lex Luthor (Blackest Night) by Michael Bracco (Comic Book Jones Signing Event)

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