Thursday, September 01, 2005

Best Season Ever

I'm holding off on doing a reality preview post until I see commercials for The Amazing Race 8. Right now, I just want to remind anybody reading this that TAR5 debuts on GSN tonight at 9 p.m., and it was the best season ever. had gone almost a whole year between seasons, and had to deal with models, actors, a little person and her cousin, AND the runner-up in a show whose quality was far below that of TAR. Oh, and she got freaked out by a mime the year before.

My point? That season could have been a huge clusterfuck. It some ways, it was a clusterfuck, like with Marshall and Lance's inablity to get excited, and the dumb rivalry between Chip and Kami & Karli. But throughout the season, we had the best villain team in a couple whose overachieving made them as hard to root for as the Yankees. We had a guy who needed stitches in the very first leg of the Race, yet toughted it out. We had Chip & Kim, who are as nice on this show as they currently are on Battle of the Network Reality Stars (did you see Chip and Theo make fun of Jonathan's wipeout last night? Hilarious!) Honestly, I wouldn't steer you wrong, especially not about this.

Once again: season debuts tonight on GSN. On Sunday and Monday, the network will air TAR1. So if you missed it the first time, or need to see if you want to get the DVD, tune in. And I'll say my piece about TAR8 soon, as well as Survivor, both editions of The Apprentice, and the BMP stuff.


Justin Cognito said...

Oh, but you forgot the best of it, my friend:

"My ox is broken!"

TPorter2 said...

Can't wait for your preview. You are right about TAR5. So many memorable moments. The caviar included...