Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Racing Towards Oblivion

I'm working on the recap of the latest Gauntlet 2 episode, which ended on one hell of a cliffhanger; a game of Reverse Tug-Of-War between the one old-school BMPer who doesn't totally reek (Timmy) and the youngblood who put a few nails in the Road Rules coffin, but who has impressed with four Gauntlet wins (Derrick). Also, we have Krybaby Kina (pipe down, woman...Randy would never weep in a restroom the way you did last week), David Burns (who should change his name to "David Flickers," because he's so much dead weight), and an innocent table that didn't do a damn thing to anybody. I missed out on "Pumkin" spitting in the face of "New York" on Flavor of Love, but I got to see Derrick go apeshit on the table. I think I got the better deal.

Two notes:

1. If you're looking for a repeat of Monday's episode, you'll have to wait until Saturday. Actually, it'll be on Sunday at 12:30 a.m. Spring Break has busted out, and MTV gives more of a crap about that then your needs. Hell, they spoiled Derrick going to the Gauntlet in a commercial, then spoiled Timmy's inclusion during another commercial in the middle of the damn episode. Who does that? Does the Travelocity gnome burst in to tell us which team wins a leg of The Amazing Race?

2. The reunion special will air right after next week's finale. As one of approximately twenty people who watches Reality Remix on a daily basis (I really hate myself), I got to see Mark gab to Kennedy about going to New York to film the special. There will be drama, and Kina will cause some of it. And guess what? Beth is there...with a broken arm. Apparently, she got into a car accident, and she broke an arm. I'd make some smart remarks, but I found out that I alarmed one of my best friends with my extreme anti-Beth diatribes. This friend is not a Beth fan by any means, but she has more perspective than me, and I'm going to try and behave myself next week. Well...that is the plan. Plans are subject to change.

I will say this...this might not have been the best season, but at least it's been interesting. And with Fresh Meat Challenge looming, with the idjits from Real World: Austin and brand new tools waiting in the wings, we gotta enjoy this chaos while we still can.

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