Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Delays & Other Stuff

I haven't really started working on the latest episode of Who Wants To Be A Superhero?, because I was working on a profile piece. In other words, I might be able to get the recap in by Thursday. This is for the eight or ten people who know about this blog.

While I'm thinking about it:

1. Last week's WWTBAH episode was a bit of a bummer. I understand the defrocking of Monkey Woman, who crashed and burned by revealing her "secret identity" and the fact that she's an actress. Apparently, Stan Lee hasn't figured out that anybody in California can be found on IMDB. But the departure that hurt the most was that of Tyveculus. Last week, he wasn't honest to Stan about his crappy new costume. One week later, he was too honest about his feeling for Lemuria, and he got the heave-ho over Fat Momma. Meanwhile, Creature has messed up most of her challenges, and she's still there.

To review: Creature: brings little to the table. Fat Momma: starting to crack under the pressure. Lemuria: turning into the token bitch of the show (albeit far hotter and tamer than what I deal with). Feedback: a ticking time bomb. Basically, it would take a complete disaster for Major Victory to not win this competition. I'm not finding him that annoying as before (especially since he screwed up for the first time), but it's still too easy to call.

2. Looks like Theo and Darrell will finally be sweating during a Challenge. Theo & Chanda got sent into Exile by Derrick & Diem, and the other players (including the odious Wes and Tina) kicked Darrell & Aviv in. Both guys have been in three Challenges apiece, and neither one have been close to getting eliminated. Actually, Theo did get ousted from Battle of the Network Reality Stars, but we pretend that never happened.

Assuming neither one of them bail themselves out, who do I root for? On the one hand, I still remember Darrell as being part of the Road Rules alliance to boot out Sarah during The Gauntlet, and he does massacre the English language. On the other hand, Theo disrespected Chip during BONRS, and he won "Last Comic Downloaded" on Last Comic Standing, despite the fact that his material manly consists of Kevin Federline and his really old father. So I'll be pulling for Pootie next week.

With Coral & Evan gone, it looks like we're not going to get a happy ending. Darrell & Aviv seem like the most harmless team to pull through, followed by Theo & Chanda. It would be worth it for Derrick to finally win a Challenge, but Diem looks too screwy and fake for my taste. Kenny seems nice, but Tina's a motormouth who can't possibly back up her big mouth. Wes & Casey? You're kidding, right? They have the combined intelligence of an average Big Brother contestant, they've won five Exiles based on the luggage weight and stupidity of the other teams, and you get the feeling that Wes would have taken Casey out if he could gotten away with it. It would be like watching Beth win over and over again last season, only fifty times worse.

3. It's official...I'm going to the Baltimore Comic Con next month. I found a room for $89 per night, it's a three hour drive, and the Orioles will be in town for the weekend to face the Yankees. Last time I went down there was 1994, during the players' strike. My family and myself wanted to see the Orioles at Camden Yards, but ended up taking a tour of the stadium instead. Also, we went to nearby Bowie to see the Baysox. Anyway...it's a two-day convention, and it'll be cheaper than last year's trip to Toronto.