Friday, November 04, 2005

Everybody Wants To Be A Rock Star...

I have a confession to make: for the past month, I have been going to's site for Inferno II. And everytime I went, I deleted "inferno" from the URL and put in "gauntlet." I just wanted to see a sign that Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Gauntlet 2 (or whatever the offical title is) would be going on the air. First, I heard it would be October 31. Then it got shoved back to November 14, so MTV could air more episodes of Laguna Beach. Then I heard it would be shoved into December. I mean...I've recapped the last five seasons. I just wanted to get off the bench and start making cracks at fools.

This past Tuesday, finally launched the site. (YAAAAAAAAAAYYY!)

There's a biography on the new host, BMX biker TJ Lavin (YAAAAAAAAAAYYY!)

There's the promise of post-show interviews conducted by Blair Herter (YAAAAAAAAAAYYY!)

There's links to pictures that aren't on the site (YAAAAAA-what?!?)

Yes...apparently, the pics were up for a few hours, then they went white. And since the show isn't a big deal anymore, isn't rushing to put them back up. Which means that I have to schlep over to a forums site, while the denizens make the pics into signatures.

On the bright side, the trailer for the new season is up, and BMP hasn't skimped on the production values. The locale is exotic Trindad & Tobago. As for the Gauntlet itself? Wow. Remember the old Gauntlet in Telluride? Looks like BMP decided to give it to Sarah for her five wins, just like Theo wanted. The new Gauntlet has a unique structre which I can't put into words. If the trailer is any indication, the pre-Gauntlet die roll is gone, as are the set events (Deadman's Drop, Knock Your Block Off, Perfect Fit, etc.) The endgames look more like Infernos now, held within the funky edifice.

And there's the drama. I have a dial-up connection, so I haven't tried to watch it from home. I can pick out some of the guys, though I get confused telling some of the women apart. Yes, I can pick out perrienal scrubs Katie and Beth, both of whom need to go home as soon as possible. The big deal this time centers on a change in format; instead of the teams sending one person into the Gauntlet, teammates can be forced to face each other. Betrayal will be common this season. Oh, and the end brought about the weirdest sight of all: Mark Long, raging at the camera. While I now consider Mark to be a major asshole (getting divorced and going for younger BMP girls, handing Eric Nies a check for $60,000 in Battle of the Sexes 2) and a sellout (becoming a correspondant for Reality Remix on Fox Reality), I don't think I've seen him ticked off. I'm placing 5-1 odds that a chick spurned him.

When I get the offical roster, I'll start previewing the season, which will start on December 5. After Inferno II, I'm convinced Bunim-Murray Productions has finally gotten its groove back. Of course, it'll lose it for the upcoming Fresh Meat Challenge, so we should savor the lack of suck while we still can.


Anonymous said...

Jason, it's Ryan. It's nice to know that the revised cast list I sent you over the summer was 100% correct. MTV has the identity of the new host and the entire cast on their site now (with pics). From what spoilers I read from montanalives, this Challenge may be one of the best!!!! I'm not excited whatsoever, about the new Challenge coming out next year. Who really wants to see RWers (and a few RRers from the now cancelled show) vs. obnoxious MTV home viewers? This will probably be my last season watching the Challenge, so here's hoping that the few remaining camera hogs (Beth, Julie, Katie, David, Mark, Robin, Derek and Brad) go home early. Thank GOD that Verantula, Butterface, Abe-dumb, Quarrel, and Lurch (aka Mike) are GONE!!! Hopefully, BMP will also treat the audience to a decent intro for the credits?

Silas Stingy said...

From what I saw, all the missions and gauntlets look really good. And it looks like after the overkill (no pun) of bug-eating/flat out disgusting missions in BOTS2, MTV might have finally left those behind. And don't forget the best part of all...the possibility that on the preview special, we'll get to hear Montana be called, "WHOOOOOOOOOOOOORE"