Sunday, November 27, 2005

Gearing Up

I'm still working on the Gauntlet II preview special. I've been busy working on an article, and my recorder broke today. So I gotta get a new one tomorrow so I can make next week's deadline. Luckily for me, MTV isn't airing the first episode until next week, probably so the stink of The Real World: Austin dissipates. And I'll have to deal with four of those headcases next season: Danny, Johanna, Melinda and Wes. So I gotta cherish Gauntlet II extra-hard.

I'm almost two-thirds done with the preview special. Once I'm finished taking notes, writing the recap should be a snap. And you can have some fun. Gather your friends and bet on how many times I'll say "Shut up, Beth." How is it that she can go through life without getting her ass kicked? I'm not advocating it, but she talks so much shit.

Also, I've had some posts in me that I haven't gotten around to writing. One is about my trip to the National last week. Right now, it's the closest thing New York has to a comic convention. Actually, I got lucky in the back issues department, getting some great deals on recent back issues. Also, I finally had my sketch book filled out. There are a few blank pages, and a few more stained with the ink of sketches...but I'm okay with it. I had the book since 2000...took me over five years to fill it, and the cover fell off. First rule of sketchbooks: don't get a large spiral book. Anyway, I've scanned the sketches and put it on my Yahoo space. Check 'em out here. That's another post in the making.

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