Friday, April 04, 2014

Adventures In Atlanta: Day One

I had a fun time today. I haven't been to Atlanta since 2009, when it was a layover for my trip to San Diego. Getting there was a bitch, though . . . I wound up with an aisle seat, where I usually prefer to sit by the window. Actually, it was moot, since me and my mother were sitting far back on the plane, where the engine blocked the view. I spent two hours trying to nap, with my stomach flip-flopping upon descent. I wasn't in danger of throwing up, but I was getting concerned.

We're staying at Twelve Hotel. Or is it Twelve Centennial Hotel? Either way, this is the biggest room I've ever been in. It's stocked with a refrigerator, freezer, shower AND bathtub, microwave oven, stovetop . . . it's way too good for the likes of us. And we're only staying four nights, so it's not like we'd be stocking the fridge.

Today, we wound up going to the World of Coca-Cola. It was an experience where one might not be expected. For instance, visitors got treated to a film (Moments of Happiness) of people celebrating life events, with Coke tangentially involved . . . surprise party for a grandmother, hot-air balloon ride leading to a marriage proposal, returning solider surprising his family at a hockey game, etc. And damned if the whole thing didn't get to me on several levels. Manipulative? For sure, but it worked.

There were lots of attractions. If I have a major complaint, it's that everybody was coy about Coke's secret formula. They showed off a vault where the formula is supposedly stored. Another film -- featuring whom I like to call "The Not Ready For Doctor Who Players" -- offered a 4D experience with rocking seats, strobe lights and water spraying. The seats rocked so hard, it felt like a lawsuit waiting to happen. Also, there was a guy in an eerie polar bear costume, posing for pictures. Seriously, the eyes and mouth were moving on their own. It was spooky . . . like the giant bear in the Closing Ceremonies in Sochi.

One highlight had to be the exhibit where people could taste Coke products from around the world. Dozens of drinks from five different continents .. . it was a trip. Most of it was good. One kind of tasted like mint. And then there was a drink from Italy called "Beverly." It you're in Italy, and you find yourself with Beverly . . . pass. It tasted like medicine, and I had to dump it.

Not much else to tell. We wound up going back to the hotel, rested up, then went out for Mexican. On a related note, tamales are not that appetizing to me, and I didn't know until tonight. Who knew? Mom's highlight was finding cigarettes at bargain basement prices. This might be her best moment until she sees a panda bear. Right now, I'm going to watch TV and rest up. Tomorrow, we're planning on going to CNN Studios and the Georgia Aquarium.

PEDOMETER: I logged in 8,585 steps; however, I forgot to take the pedometer with me when we went out for dinner, so I'm thinking I got above 10,000.

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