Thursday, April 03, 2014

Adventures in Atlanta: Prelude

Panda bears. They are exotic and rare. Their main defense against predators is their cuteness. Why else would American zoos spend so much to bring them from China? And why else would so many people watch them on webcams?

My mother is what you might call a "pandaholic." She loves pandas . . . and what's not to love? They meainly eat and sleep all day . . . they're Chinese, yet they live the American dream. One such collection of pandas lives in Zoo Atlanta. They became a bigger "must see" when resident mamma Lun Lun gave birth to twin girls, Mei Lun and Mei Huan. Throw in moderate temperatures in comparison to Northeastern cold, and you can see why my mother wanted to book a trip to see the pandas up sloe. And I'm going along for the ride.

I'll be leaving on Friday for a five-day trip to Atlanta. I booed a visited to the zoo on Monday that brings people closer to the pandas at $150 a pop. Granted, these would be the adults we'd be meeting . .  you'd have to spend a grand on an audience with the babies. Also, we'll be getting up close to the elephants at the relative bargain of $75 per person.

Beyond that, the schedule looks to be wide open. Mom wants to go to the Georgia Aquarium, which is a short walk from our hotel. I've been researching destinations, and I found locales such as CNN Studios and the World of Coca-Cola that we might hit prior to Monday. No matter what we wind up seeing, I'm sure it'll be fun.

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