Saturday, April 05, 2014

Adventures In Atlanta: Day Two

It's been a long day. Even though we took two cab rides, both my mother and myself found ourselves exhausted. I thought that I was okay, at least until I slipped into a mild coma on the couch. I wound up going to a sub shop for dinner, as opposed to going out to eat.

As planned, we wound up going to the CNN Center for the grand tour of CNN Studios. The Center is impressive . . . part giant mall, part news center. Turns out the building was once used to showcase stuff from Sid & Marty Kroft's TV shows way back in the day. We saw CNN's weekend coverage getting filmed and sent out live. In fact, the anchor waved to our tour group.  It must be weird to be in an environment like that . . . like some sort of cable news zoo. There was also a room full of reporters that work 24/7. I'm thinking that within five years, all the reporters will be hooked up to machines and suspended in fluid, like in Minority Report. I'm also guessing they were all working on the missing Malaysian airplane story, which the network has been reporting on for a month.

After that, we went to the Georgia Aquarium, which is supposed to be the largest in the world. I can believe it. It was like my trip to the National Aquarium in Baltimore, only on a grander scale. We got to see otters, beluga whales, whale sharks, dolphins . . . and lots and lots of fish. The biggest down point was "Dolphin Tales." You would think that a dolphin show would be enough, with some cute tricks here and there. Not for the Georgia Aquarium, nosiree. Instead, we got "treated" to some bozo dressed as the "Star Spanner," pantomiming and imploring the audience to sing about defying sea monsters and raising sunken craft. Also, there were plumes of water and strobe lights. If I wanted that, I'd go to Las Vegas. At least neither one of us got wet by the dolphins jumping out and into the water.

Mom has been a trooper. A lot of Atlanta seems to be resting on hills, and that takes a lot out of her. Hence the two cab rides. On the bright side, she got to have room service for the first time in her life. It wasn't new to me, but she liked having breakfast in our room. Did I mention we have a counter to eat? Did I mention this room is way too big for us? We even have a bottle opener, for the free Coke we got yesterday.

We'll be resting up for tomorrow . . . we're hitting Zoo Atlanta. Sure, the "encounters" with the pandas and elephants are on Monday, but we can always take it easy afterward after seeing the Zoo tomorrow. Either way, it should be entertaining stuff.

PS: I wound up leaving the pedometer back in the room. It's probably for the best, since my mother hates to know how many steps she's walked.

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