Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Random Thoughts

Thanks for the feedback. I should say that I'm not that bugged about people reading this blog. Rather, I was in a tizzy over how few people supported me with the whole Tubey's Kids thing. I just figured to get a lot more than two people to raise money to bring the Challenge back to TWoP for a while. Afterwards, I had to question why I recap, and why I have 2.5 seasons on tape. Am I obsessive? Maybe this is about the blog after all.

Other stuff:

  • I got my ticket to Wizard World: Philadelphia today. Won't have to plan the trip for almost two months. I can go there in about 90 minutes or less. While I'm pumped to go to an actual con (as opposed to the weak Big Apple Cons), I'm still yearning for the massive stuff like CCI in San Diego. Also, I've noticed most of my fave writers and artists never make it out to the East Coast that often. One day, I gotta talk about my sketchbook. I've had it since CCI in 2000, and it's still not full. Only guy who I'd wait in line for is Rags Morales, and even then, I dunno what to ask him for (Elongated Man? Calculator? Crazy ol' Jean Loring?). I'm hoping Marvel ships in Adam Warren and/or Rick Mays from Livewires, but I'm not getting my hopes up.

  • Saw the Mets play their home opener on TV. It was a little more stressful than last week, but this time, the Mets won. Last week had been rough...they lost on Looper's messed-up inning, then they got swept out of Cincinnati. They lost two to Atlanta...and that sucks, since I hate the Braves. Those guys have won every division title since 1991, yet they have one World Series championship. Their fans don't come out for the postseason (can't knock Yankee fans on that), their manager is a button-pusher...and I hate Chipper Jones. He was the guy who said that when the Mets lose, their fans put on Yankee apparel and pull for the Bronx Bombers. I dunno what's more unforgivable...that, or naming his kid "Shea." Topic? Right...Pedro Martinez got a two-hit win on Sunday to give the Mets their first win. Today, they went back and forth against the Astros. It's one of those games where you lose hope every bit as easily as you gain it, if that makes sense. Most bizarre moment was when John Franco was brought in to hold off a Mets rally in the eighth. The guy had been with New York since 1990. I understand the Mets letting him walk. But why Houston? Wouldn't he wanted to stay local, like maybe join the Phillies or Nationals? I just can't fathom Franco in Texas, wearing a ten gallon hat (he's 5'8", so the visual is extra funny). Anyway, the Mets came up big, and Looper had a four-run cushion that even he couldn't blow. Mets win, all is right with the world.
  • Got TV Guide in the mail...they had a brief piece on Survivor: Palau, with profiles of the main alphas (Tom, Gregg, Ian and Stephenie). Here's the interesting thing...there was some behind-the-scenes stuff about a challenge for next week's episode. The thing you have to know is that if you don't subscribe, you have to find the Guide on newsstands starting on Friday...one day after an episode airs. The rub: they mention two teams. At that stage in the series, there would be individual challenges. From what I read, it doesn't seem like it's a task where pairs compete. The implications are out there. Right now, the Koror tribe has a huge 8-1 advantage over Stephenie of Ulong. Would Steph get to pick replacements? Do we have a merge at eight, and a five-person jury?
  • Saw the latest Inferno II. I know...Karamo didn't play, and he went out like a chump. For some reason, I don't completely hate him. My ire goes to CT, instead. The boy is a walking Italian caricature, he's that embarrassing. I was comparing him to Rob Mariano in terms of being a fool...and I forgot that we got a reality show full of stereotypes on Growing Up Gotti. Open shirt, shades, bald head, medallion...he wants Victoria to adopt him. I don't really give a crap about my Italian heritage, but CT bugs. And if Karamo wants to pop him in the mush, I'd hold him. As for Abram going on how Karamo has no dignity. That's not the pot calling the kettle black...that's a friggin' black hole calling the kettle black. I hope Coral has Abram on a short leash. And a muzzle. I can hope, right?
  • Quick heads-up: TV Guide listings have a brief blurb over the next Inferno II ep...apparently, Jodi and Derrick aren't getting along. Too bad, since Derrick showed signs of being an adult last week. From tonight's teaser, we also have a dyke-plugging mission. These missions are so well thought-out, it's scary. What happened to the half-assed missions of yore? Take away the confusing "pass the clothes" mission and Dave Mirra trying to "get with it," and you have a halfway decent show.

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