Wednesday, April 20, 2005

When Real Life Gets In The Way

I've been keeping busy. Right now, I'm trying to write a story for a local newsweekly. Tomorrow, I'm going to go out and take an exam for a potential job opportunity. Right now, I haven't been as Challenge-fixated as usual. Figure once I get home tomorrow, I'll fire up the VCR and start taking notes. Lately, I've been feeling a small lack of enthusiasm. Has nothing to do with lack of feedback here. I still think that I'm the best Challenge recapper out there, only because I have way too much time to analyze every halfway significant moment. And this is what I do with my Master's in Journalism? Oh, well.

For now, you can gnaw on recaps from Dan and Mike. Even though Dan behaved like a jackass on Monday, he's gotten enough good will stored out with me. Mike? Eh. I'm still blaming the production crew for manipulating things in order to get drama. It's not a total black eye for the show; even with the drama, it's still the best season since Gauntlet.

Oh, and didja see how close I came with my prediction last night? I swear, if Rob has a horseshoe up his butt, Meredith must have a family of leprechauns lodged where the sun doesn't shine. He and Gretchen were done...but Lynn & Alex went to the wrong place. So buh-bye to Rob's Number One Fans. The final four teams this season are a lot less grisly than last time, but the possibility of a happy ending isn't that great.

If Rob & Amber Win: Kiss the show goodbye. CBS will force more reality folks onto the show, and the luster will be worn down. And there's the looming specter of the fat, bearded, tie-dyed pantload we know as "Rupert." You think CBS isn't salivating putting him and his family in the next season should Ramber win? Gimmee a break. Topic? Oh, right...while Ramber has proven themselves to be a capable team (I had them finishing sixth), it's like rooting for the Yankees. Front-runners exist to get dragged back. Even if Colin hadn't had his ox-induced fit on TAR5, the fact that he and Christie knocked down a peg by Chip & Kim yielding them made things a lot more fun.

If Ron & Kelly Win: I'm thinking White House photo ops, complete with President Bush abusing the hell out of Race terminology ("We as a nation had to take a Detour, and we chose the harder task!") Unlike other long-distance couples on this show (Michael and Kathy, Kris & Jon), these two should not be together. Ron seems like a nice guy, but a little dopey. And he compares every other location to Baghdad. Okay, we get it, you were a soldier and a POW. Whatever, dude. Kelly is a huge piece of work in the Flo/Christie/Kendra mold. The teaser for next week has her questioning Ron's commitment. He brought up his military service, she said that he got out of it. He asked how, she says that he became a POW. Maybe she's kidding, but if she isn't? Oy.

If Meredith & Gretchen Win: Wouldn't be the end of the show, but it'll be akin to Jenna Morasca winning Survivor: The Amazon. They seem like nice people, but they cannot race worth a lick. The only reason they're still in the hunt is because in each leg, one team messed up worse. I'll give them props for bouncing back after being forced to give their belongings to Phil for finishing last in a non-elimination leg. Still, there is no way these two crack the final three. Even Teri & Ian, crotchety old folks that they were, managed to win three legs in TAR3. M&G haven't even cracked the top three.

If Uchenna & Joyce Win: There will be celebrations, as big as the ones launched by Chip & Kim's victory. Truth be told, they're only the third-best team in a field of four at this point. But who doesn't want these crazy kids to win? They've worked for bankrupt companies. They've tried to get Joyce pregnant, but that didn't work. They've gotten the couple thing down like Ramber, but Uchenna isn't begging for a karmic beatdown like Rob. Last night, Joyce made the "ultimate sacrifice" to obtain a Fast Forward by getting her head shaved. She cried, but she pushed through. The ritual shaving is supposed to bring good fortune. With four legs and two alpha teams left, they'll be needing it.

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