Thursday, June 02, 2005

Several Things

It's late, and I'm going to try and get up early, so I'll be quick.

The Tana Thing

I got some harsh commentary on Tana...and yeah, I totally get that point of view. And it pains me when I see people kicking some reality show idjit and I can't feel like I can join it. In my mind, there's something called the Stallsworth Scale, going from 0 (Troy) to 10 (Assorama). In my head, Tana would be 7.5, at worst. I keep thinking of the good stuff before the Pontiac task, and that blocks me from dragging her out. In contrast, the Apex Coven (a.k.a. The Sisterhood of the Travelling Cop-out) averages about an eight. Maria, Ivana, the two Jennifers...ugggggh. And Stacy? I can't hate Tana more than Gollum! Look, if Tana goes the Omarosa route, if she sells a 900 number, does other reality shows, talks nonstop shit about Kendra for months on end...then I bump her up. Right now, her 180 degree turn is just an example to me why I shouldn't like anybody on The Apprentice, and therefore shouldn't even watch.

The Surreal Omarosa Thing

While I'm thinking of it...I'm not watching the new season of The Surreal Life. I stopped in the middle of TSL4, and I'm not hellbent on seeing Omarosa, Jose Canseco, Bronson Pinchot and the other misfits. What would be the perfect ending? At the end of the season, Omarosa gets into a huge fight with Sally Jesse Raphael on the "Dirty Laundry" faux talk show. The fight is so fierce, that the house is blown up from orbit. Seriously, I hate SJR. She made me feel sorry for Trishelle. TRISHELLE! And when I have a lull in my life, I must tell you guys about the time I attended a taping of her show. The horror...

The Philly Thing

This weekend, I'm commuting from Staten Island to Philadelphia for Wizard World Philadelphia. The good news: lots of dealers to buy from, lots of video games, actual panels and an oppurtunity to get some sketches. The bad news: I'm not really hellbent on seeing any of the talent. Also, getting into the DC Comics panel is going to be a bitch. People who want to hit that panel on Saturday have to go to the Wizard booth at 10 a.m. to get tickets. Why? Because DC is giving away passes to Batman Begins. Do not get me wrong...I think the newest interpetation of the Batmythos will rock...but couldn't there be a panel about the movie? And what if I get a pass? Do I have to go that night? It takes me about 90 minutes to get home...I don't want to stay out all night. Anyway, if the weekend is eventful, I'll report on it for your reading pleasure.

The Gail Thing

I've known Gail Simone back when we were posting on Jonah Weiland's unoffical message board for Kingdom Come. Since then, she's become a star writer at DC Comics, currently scribing Action Comics, Birds of Prey and Villains United. She also wrote an episode of Justice League Unlimited ("Double Date"), which primeres this Saturday on Cartoon Network. If it's as good as her writing, we'll all be in for some fun.

The Sith Thing

Finally saw Episode III yesterday. In retrospect, was this trilogy neccesary? If not for the first three episodes, all we would've known about Darth Vader was that he was the badasses to end all badasses. No, we get to see him rise from annoying youngster ("YIPEE!") to brazen apprentice (whining, bitching, killing Sandpeople, losing a hand to that other White Wizard, etc.) to...well, I won't spoil. We all know that his path leads to the black armor and sounding liek James Earl Jones. But that path is freakin' grisly. Come to think of it, nobody ends up looking good after almost 150 minutes. The Jedi look like punks. Amidala is just there. The Wookies don't have enough screen time. Even R2D2 gets roughed up. Personally, my fave part of the new wave of SW was Clone Wars; an animated series doled out in small increments. Sad, isn't it? And General Grevious came across as way more of a bad ass than in live action.

The Infernal Recap Thing

I'll try and post it tomorrow, before I turn to the con. I did like the mission, but it felt padded. Did it really need to be stretched through the entire second segment? And I might be in the minority, but I'm hoping Dan gets his butt kicked by Landon on Monday. I know that CT is a huge punk, but Dan has it coming. He goes on and one about how he won an Inferno. Yes he JON. I like the country boy, but I'm sure that I could've beaten him. It's probably unlikely that Dan can bail himself out...but I can see Landon doing that. I'm still hoping Darrell gets shoved in, because he needs to sweat. Failing that, maybe Rachel get put in and destroyed two weeks later. Did you see her and Veronica on Thank goodness they're not doing the next Challenge...I can only take so much of their crap.

The Comments Thing

Minor nitpick, and I apologize if I sound like a tool. If you have anything to say that you'd rather be private, just e-mail me at


Anonymous said...

Was a Tana fan, but she ended up making a MAJOR ass out of herself; unlike Kwame and Jen M., she's been a lousy and ungracious loser- after her continuous complaints and uninspired and ungrateful comments, I would never buy anything from this women, let alone work for/with her.

Could you just incorporate a few of the AfterShow comments from Verantula and Hag? Their stupidity and cluelessness always makes me laugh... I'm SHOCKED THAT Verantula will finally not be participating in an upcomming Challenge.... THANK THE FUCKING LORD FOR THAT MIRACLE!!!!!

On the upside, the overwhelming majority of RW/RR Challenge whores will not be participating on the Gauntlet 2: no Kidney Stones, Lurch, Hag, Verantula, Abe-dumb, Infureno or Quarrel. Please don't ANY of you people come back to my television screen; if you do, stay over at Bravo (where no one will ever watch you)!!! Unfortunately, we'll be forced to revisit Mulie, Osama Beth Laden, Mark-ASS, Seattle David (hot, but useless), Jisela (worthless and annoying), Adam the asshole and Jamie wannabe (but never-will-be) and Adam the rapping fool. WHY?!? Could you ask other volatile and interesting people like Flora, Melissa(s), Teck, Jamie (New Orleans), bible Chris, Mssada, Patrice, Shelly, Effie and Belou? Get a clue BMP and increase the value of the prize size to $500k, you've got to afford it with all that cross-promotional advertising (product placement).

Anonymous said...

You're a jerk!

Anonymous said...

Get over yourself kid! You're annoying with those third grade one-liners... yes I'm talking to you anonymous at 7:11 pm.