Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Penultimate Points

Still working on the article, but I'll start taking notes on the latest episode tonight. For now, I'll keep things short and sweet.

I Still Don't Hate Tina

This is on my neverending list of "Stuff to Write About," but I'll sum up here. Tina performs well in missions. She's funny on purpose. Aside from Chris, Dave and Mary-Beth, would you want anybody else from Road Rules: South Pacific? We all know about Abram. Cara's dumped Dave and rumored to be another of Mark's playthings. Christena revealed herself as a stealth bitch on the original Inferno. Jeremy is...well, Jeremy. Does anybody care about that kid at all? And I'm still gearing up for the day that Donell disgraces us all with a Challenge appearance. Finally, it kinda sucks that she gets grouped into the "Axis of Skank." The woman's engaged, people. You think she gives it away like Rachel and Veronica? Tina's a loudmouth and a bully, but she's stood up to the rants of Dan and Abram. I just wish she got along better with Tonya...I think part of their aminosity towards each other is that they have more in common then they'd admit. Tina is sais to be doing the next season...and without Tonya to pick on, or Rachel and Veronica to pal around with, I think she'll come off a lot better.

I Still Don't Hate Karamo

However, I am puzzled on why he had to leave. Couldn't he have simply quit? Unlike Beth, he would've had a reason...she lit out of Mexico, the yellow down her back apparent to all. While the comments from his teammates are put into a different context, I still can't give any credit to Abram on the whole "Karamo has no dignity" rap. This is Abram talking. He wouldn't know dignity if it gave him a lapdance.

Tonya Is Not a Heroine

The girl suffers greatly, doesn't she? I'd tell her to get a job, but I'm guessing she's on the eternal quest for that one big score. She just opens herself up to most of the abuse inflicted by the other girls, and she's been reported to have hooked up with a fella or two. The only bright side in a Bad Ass victory is for her to get the big payday. But she's too far gone to be a heroine. On the bright side, her two Inferno wins does keep the season interesting. What would happen if she were to blow the final mission? Would any acts of violence after the final airhorn result in a loss of dough? My fantasy involves her beating up Rachel using Veronica as a club. Really, just grab her ankles and go to town. I will say that Tonya did not act like a "psychotic bitch," as one of my former colleagues so tactufully noted.

Best Season Since The Gauntlet

Okay, the "one mission, then Inferno" thing did bite. I would have given that to the men and women, then bring in an open-gendered Inferno for the finale. Still, I feels that we got a good season. For once, it felt like those who concieve the missions gave a crap. Better yet, the Infernos actually worked. Last time, it was all about the time limit. Who wants to stand around and watch Katie and Julie walk on treadmills? Or Leah and Kendal walk with bricks for hours on end? Yes, some Infernos didn't end the way we wanted them (Veronica and Abram's victories come to mind), but we had some good contests. I just hope that BMP tops itself for the next season, which has been titled The Gauntlet 2. As long as they don't monkey too much with the concept (one endgame per week, roll a die for one of six events), I forsee good times. Shoot, who said I was so negative?

Rachel & Veronica Suck

I can't take them anymore. Right now, they're not supposed to be in the next season, but I can't breathe until the cast is officially announced. I'm sick of the double-teaming on Tonya, as if the poor thing hasn't suffered enough in one lifetime. I'm sick of the t-shirts, I start yearning for Mike to pimp his "Miz" gear again. I hate how the Good Guys never, ever thought of Rachel as a weak competitor...she's all muscle, no hustle. I get queasy thinking of the hug they shared after Veronica's win in the Inferno. And I hate that they got good press on E!'s site. "VeRachel"? I don't think so. And they got a chat session, as viewers lobbed softball after softball. Good thing I never thought to submit.

"Does it bother you two that you talked all sorts of smack about Sarah in The Gauntlet, and she's still more loved than either of you?"
"If I poured water on you, would you die?"
"Rachel, have you ever forgotten to roll the window down a crack for Shane?"
"If I poured penicilin on you, would you die?"
"How does it feel to be the worst representives of lesbianism since Scout and Ami on Survivor: Vanuatu?"
"If a house dropped on you, would you die?"

These two are not role models. They're not victims of editing. They are total bitches. I have a feminist friend, and I'm sure that if she reads this, she will kick my ass. I don't care. I'll take the ass-kicking, because I want these two skanks the hell off my TV. I believe in karma. Rachel and Veronica will get theirs someday. Hopefully, it will be sooner and not later. Right now, they stand to make $10,000 apiece, minimum, and that makes me as mad as remembering Eric Nies "earning" $60,000 last season.

Addendum: ...And As Long As I'm Thinking About It

No spoilers. No spoiling the finale. No spoiling the next season. Right now, I'm focusing on casting, and that's it. I don't know who beat whom in the Gauntlet, and I don't want to know. So if you got the goods...hold it back. If not for my sake, then for the readers.


Anonymous said...

LOL!!! Good comments on Tina and Karamo, and better ones for Verantula and Hag!

I read their E-Online interview and chat, and I couldn't believe that Verantula wanted to "set the record straight" that she was not a bigot and that she respected Julie's religion, but not her crazy attitude in the Challenges- these people are all fucked up, crazy, camera whores: Julie, Coral, Mike, Infuerno, Abe-dumb, Kindney Stones, Verantula and Hag!!!! Then they blamed the close team bank accounts due to "poor leadership" from sexist men that didn't "trust the women" for guidance! Hag then praised Adam Larson... 'nuff said!!! YIKES!!!!

If the Good Guys (still like "the Angels" better) were to lose the final mission, I 100% completely blame Infuerno; but if they win, each remaining player: Jaime, Landon, Mike and Infuerno, gets $46,667, while the Bad Asses (still like "the Demons" better) will only get $10K apiece. If GG lose, they'll get $20K apiece. It would still piss me off that Infuerno would get a big chunk for doing nothing and not paying his Gauntlet/Infernoes debt (same with Hag), but it would be fitting seeing most of the assholes getting a WAY SMALLER paycheck for very pitiful and tragic behavior. Let's hope for some justice next week!!!

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