Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Coming Soon

It's late, so I'll be quick. I finally learned how to link stuff on the side. Yay, men. Seriously, check out Melissa's site...she has an essay about her teeth and her big sister. Funny stuff.

Anyway, I'm going to be trying something big over the next few weeks. I will be getting the URLs from every recap I've done, and linking it to this blog. The Challenges? Check. My stints with Dog Days and Kevin & Drew Unleashed? Check. The humorous essays I wrote for Survivor? Check. The roundtable discussions where I made horrible predictions? Check. I had Rob Cesternino winning Survivor: All-Stars. What the hell was wrong with me? I'll put the links in one entry, then link that entry to the side. As a bonus, you can see how far I've come as a snark-happy recapper. That first recap I did of Dog Days totally sucked...luckily, I got over that quickly.

By the way, I was dead-on about Tina beating Robin. To me, Tina's the lesser of many, many evils. She's not as useless as Beth, not as insane as Tonya and Julie, and not as...well, she ain't Rachel or Veronica. And it looks like Abram goes nucking futs next week. Wotta tool. Only cool thing he ever did was clobber Donell.

That's it. Maybe this time tomorrow, I'll be celebrating a crap team getting booted out of The Amazing Race. Here's hopin'.

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