Sunday, March 27, 2005

Random Eggs

Hoping you guys had a happy Easter. I got some stuff to share.

This Race Is Broken!

Okay, it's an exaggeration...but it's been five days after the last episode of The Amazing Race, and I'm still fuming. As always, the action is centered around "Survivor sweethearts" Rob & Amber, and how everybody hates them. Last week, the four teams that started off in the lead ended up on a plane, all waiting for takeoff. You might remember that in the previous episode, members of those teams ate four pounds of gross meat for a Roadblock. Rob not only punked out and took a four-hour penalty, he convinced two other duos not to bother...thus assuring he and Amber wouldn't be the last ones to the Pit Stop. Anyway, Ramber ended up on the plane, shutting up everybody in the process, all of whom had been crowing over the impending five-hour lead they'd have. On the forums, there's been speculation that the plane was delayed on purpose so that Ramber could make it, since they're the marquee team. And you know what? I believe it.

Actually, here's what should have happened: The eight teams should have been on two planes, with four on each one. This isn't merely a measure to screw Ramber. Think of it as a lesson to do the damn tasks assigned to you. And I know that Ramber would have beaten everybody else in the trailing pack, given that their competition would have been Meredith & Gretchen (Team Fogie, three episodes away from annoying, Teri & Ian territory), Ray & Deana (Team Cobra Kai, since Ray is resembling Creese more every week) and Susan & Patrick (who had messed up navigation in the prior ep).

So what happened? Right...Ramber took the lead, finished first for the leg, and got a vacation. What sucks is that Lynn & Alex won the leg last week, but they got squat. I don't think they're long for the Race, since 90 percent of their interviews are them bitching about Ramber. That would suggest that they have nothing else coming to them in future episodes. That's a shame...I mean, they are one part Cha Cha Cha, two parts Thunk, but they seem like nice guys. Now they'll be compared unfavorable to TAR3's Aaron & Arianne, dubbed "Aahab" because they kept hunting for twins Derek & Drew. But I feel Lynn & Alex have more reason to be pissed at Ramber. Heck, I bet there's an interview where Uchenna says he'd punch Rob out in a men's room stall. But it won't air, because we're supposed to like him and Joyce. I just made that up as an example...I like those two kids. Win or lose, I hope she can get pregnant soon.

I just feel that the sooner Ramber takes the elimination, we can get to the business of actually racing. I'm tired of them, and I'm tired of anybody who overlooks past flaws. One columnist wrote that Rob isn't an idiot because he outwitted his way through Survivor: All Stars. Look at the people he beat: Lex, Kathy, Alicia, Shii Ann, Tom, Rupert and Jenna Lewis. You take out Shii Ann and Alicia (feeling generous to Ms. Finger-Waver tonight), you wouldn't have enough brain power to run a toaster. And how did Amber win the $1 million? By piggybacking on Rob, and getting three votes (Lex, Alicia, Tom) that were more "Fuck Rob" than "Yay Amber," Ms. Brkich got her prize. For God's sake, look at the credits...Rob is carrying Amber on her back! She's a nice person, but she's always in the shadow of those close to her. Remember, she was called "Lamber" back in Outback because she kept following Jerri around. Ramber getting off this show will be like Rupert leaving Pearl Islands; we'll have time to focus on the other contestants.

Rant over. Two-hour episode airs on Tuesday...first midseason doubleheader since TAR3. Worst episode ever...Flo whines, bitches, moans, then she and Zach get bailed out by a consective non-elimination leg. And that sucked, since fan faves (and Staten Islanders) John Vito & Jill wasted a Fast Forward, thinking they would have at least two more legs afterwards. Nope...they ended up getting eliminated in the next leg. Sad stuff...and the season went downhill from there.

DVDos, DVDonts

Finally got my copy of Yu-Gi-Oh: Pyramid of Light from the library. True to my word on the forums, I didn't see it in theaters or pay for the video. It's one of those things where I don't want people seeing me enjoy it. You could have a midnight showing at half-price, filled with folks who post in the thread, shouting "So! Much! Talking!" and "Shut up, Tea!" and I still wouldn't go. It's a private thing.

Anyway, the stupid disc gave out on me at around 23 minutes...which sucks, since it was in the middle of the Kaiba/Pegasus duel (Kaiba: intense boy billionaire and former Duel Monsters champ; Pegasus: creator of the game and one of the gayest characters in recent animation history). I ended up using toothpaste at the suggestion of a friend, dabbing and wiping the underside of the disc. I ended up seeing most of the movie thanks to that advice. For any fan of the have to see it. The violence? It's there. The gayiety? Ramped up. The writing is extra-snarky, and the players get even more dramatic. Okay...there are liberties taken from the series, like Joey getting a giant syringe in the ass from Injection Fairy Lily. But seriously, you'll have fun.

Also, I ended up getting Anchorman on DVD from the library. Didn't even put a hold on it. And whaddya know...I actually saw the end. Dopey fun all around.

Infernal Date

Saw a commercial for the next episode of Inferno II. It was like watching the orignal edition, except this time, it's Beth getting screwed over in Katie's place. Heck, even Abram lies to her face about it, just like he did with Katie. If Beth ends up in the Inferno, I think she'll have no chance. Then again, I thought the same thing about Sarah and the Gauntlet, and Katie in the Inferno.

Let's say the matchup stays the same, and it's Robin vs. Tina. Who would win? I'm thinking that if it's physcial and/or head-to-head, Tina takes it. She's got karma saved up from the times she got booted off prior Challenges. She's also neck-and-neck with Dan for Funniest Challenger honors, with Darrell far back in the pack (he hasn't misprounced "Inferno" yet.) Also...did you see the Road Rules face-off, when Tina boxed and beat the snot out of Angela? It's the best of all worlds: Tina stays to snark and play Discount Coral, Tonya can focus on hating Tina and Beth some more, and Robin goes home to Dodgeball Boy. Everybody wins!

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