Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Inside the Recapper's Studio

Turns out MTV didn't air a preview special for Inferno 2. Rather, it was Real World/Road Rules Challenges Uncensored, a look at the history of the franchise. This bugs me as a recapper...it's mostly talking heads. You know, producers and directors getting interviewed over clips. It's great to watch, but hell to recap. When VH1 did a RW edition of VH1 Goes Inside, I tried to cover it. By my memory, I stalled out halfway in. There was too much info, too many tangents, and a few juicy tidbits...like the RW casting people taking out a potential alcoholic in the Hawaii season and casting Ruthie instead.

I had heard about most of the stuff from last night beforehead. David Edwards spitting on Puck in Battle of the Sexes? Covered by Colin. In fact, David also spat on Beth, but they didn't show that. The sick part was that some of it landed on Ayanna, and Ayanna almost killed him for it. On the other hand, I don't think I've ever heard of the "Human Catapult" mission from Extreme Challenge. Honestly, they were gonna fling cast members hundreds of feet into nets. I liked the contrast of emotions...James grinning like a goon and Laterrian begging to be the first one to try, while Syrus just stands there, wondering what the hell he signed up for. All in all, it was a nice 30 minutes to kill...especially if you want to annotate the episode. Quick note: Amaya clotheslining Veronica goes by really quickly. It comes on after Alton tries to kill Theo.

It'll take me a few days to go over the tape and take notes. I'll try and not get too nitpicky...like how Julie needed to knock Veronica off in x amount of time, and how production shouldn't have let it go on for so long. On the bright side, next week's season opener is only 30 minutes long...first time that's happened since Extreme. Sadly, MTV.com isn't running a fantasy game this time. And I did so well the last time. Well, it was good enough for me. How was I supposed to know Sophia's bawling would make her a gold mine of points?

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JennB said...

Hi! I was hoping you would cover the "Uncensored" special, especially since I didn't get to see all of it. At least they did show a couple of scenes from this season. I wonder whose suitcase Tonya throws in the pool. I hope it's Beth's.