Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Under Construction

I got the first e-mail today. Last night, after coming home from La Casa Cee in Manhatan, I poked into that site. And wouldn't you know it, they had a recap up. I'd get into it, but I want to focus on my stuff. Anyway, the e-mail was from a reader wondering where the heck I went. So I guided him here.

I've started taking notes...the episode isn't as long as last week's special. Nobody really talks about where they came from (usually Hollywood) and what they've been doing (usually going on the Challenges). Derrick talks about how he got screwed over ("My buddy, my buddy"), Julie tries to stand on moral high ground with Veronica, and we're off. What sucks is that they're alternating genders again...and we end up with an impending Inferno between Mike and Dan. Greeeeeat...funniest person who doesn't come to every damn Challenge, and he's lined up for a beatdown. And I'm still convinced Dan isn't a "bad ass" as all. Also, MTV basically ruins the showdown for us. Ahhhhh, memories of watching Mike take out Abram in the Gauntlet in the commercial.

I did get to see the MTV.com "After Show" at the library. Turns out the computer there is hooked up with RealPlayer. All I needed was headphones and I was set. I'll say this about the host, Blair Herter of RR: The Quest: he walks a fine line between interviewing tools and looking like one himself. He interviewed Mike (known as "Mike the Miz" these days, like he's "Dirk the Daring" these days) in the latest installment. He tried to "out-Miz" the Miz by forming his own alter ago. He asked Mike about his various hook-ups. All in all, Blair rocks. Right now, if I had to pick a BMP alumnus to host the show, it would be between Blair, Dan and Syrus.

Final note: I got my laptop back, so I can get off this worm-riddled piece of junk soon. Hopefully, the computer won't overheat, and all will be well when I recap. Speaking of which, look for the Episode One recap (tentatively titled "Get Off My Beach!") within the next few days.

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