Thursday, March 24, 2005

Help the Kids, Bring the Pain

Im at a library, so this will be brief. Television Without Pity has started something new called Tubey's Kids. In a non-sweeps month, posters can bid to have their favorite show recapped by the site. The money goes to charity. It's all laid out here.

Now...the reason why I started recapping Challenges was because TWoP dumped them around the time they were having bandwidth issues. I didn't hate them for it; all I ever wanted to do was fill some mighty big shoes. I've already started a thread for the Challenge. Seriously, I want to see somebody else go through what I've endured, and I mean that in the best way possible. TWoP has been my only competition, and everybody else has been my doormat.

I'm willing to put in money to make this happen. Heck, I got The Inferno, Battle of the Sexes 2 and most of The Gauntlet on tape, so episode choices aren't too big of a concern. If anybody has tape of Amaya & Melissa winning Sergeant Says, Emily swinging her bloody axe or Puck's wedding, talk to me. We could get Kim to rail on Julie one more time. We could force ex-Road Rules recapper Stee to endure the likes of Adam or Ellen again. Heck, any recapper they would be put into the pool would be aces by me.

Join the thread. The sooner we get things rolling, the less stiff the competition will be. We'd be going up against some pop culture juggernaunts, so every dollar will help.

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