Monday, May 09, 2005

Ill Omen

Less than 24 hours until the TAR finale. I needed something good to take from tonight's Inferno II episode. What do I get?

1. Mike winning the Aztec Lifeshield again, bailing out of his Inferno date. Honestly, I want him in there. I'm tired of him, period. Oh, and he gave Brad an atomic wedgie, which sets Brad off. Dude calls Mike "bloated sonofabitch" and "meathead."

2. Since nobody volunteers to take Mike's place, they pick names out of a hat...and Brad gets picked. You can see the vultures circle his head, stomachs still full of Jodi.

3. Meanwhile, Darrell flat-out admits he's performed poorly, but he doesn't volunteer. Now, would I be considered unreasonable to hate him for that? I look at Landon...he won an Inferno already. I look at Brad...he got dinked by his teammates in the last Challenge. I look at Darrell...he's already won two Challenges, and has never gotten close to getting eliminated. Send his ass in there. Oh, and he said he performed the "poorlest." Oy.

4. Of course, Abram beats Brad in the Inferno. Why not? I might as well have Rachel winning in two weeks. It's been that sort of Challenge, where the true pains in the ass stay on. I'm sick of Abram. Hate him, hate his 'tude, and the boy acts sober the way Brad does drunk. Still can't believe that Coral would go out with him.

5. As for Brad? Sucks that the Italian guy I like has to go, and the other one can continue to shine his medallion and head, and continue to talk trash. You know what would've been funny? If CT had dropped the cigarette while driving the hot rod, burned himself, lose control of the car, and run a few people over. Smoking and waving a flag out of the window while driving? Classy!

Oh, I guess I should say this right now...I knew Brad was going home. Why? Because somebody who reads this blog commented that Brad was on his way out. I don't do spoilers, and I sure as hell don't want people finding out about stuff that hasn't been shown. If it happens again, I will fix it so nobody comments here. I've had issues with moderators in the past, and I hate being the bad guy...but I will do it.

I do have something to cheer you guys up. I watch a show called X-Play on G4...which is weird, since I don't own a video game console. Anyway, cohost Adam Sessler went over one of the weirdest intros ever...Jonny Moseley Mad Trix. In case your out of the loop: Jonny was a Olympic moguls skier AND host of three seasons of the Challenge. If you can watch that episode, do it. Basically, it's Jonny partying, acting like a dork, and it made my head hurt from the laughter. Check it out if you got G4.

That's that. I'll try and squeeze in one last pre-TARCon column out tomorrow. The Challenge recap (tenative title: "Melvins & Meatheads") might take a while, what with all the TAR hoopla. Just so y'all know.

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