Monday, May 02, 2005

Reality Roundup

Less than an hour before the next episode of Inferno II...time to check up on some other shows.

The Amazing Race

Weirdness abounds in the latest commercial. Apparently, the four teams are England. If it doesn't sounds odd to you, then you're not a fan. See, the normal procedure is for teams to go to Europe in the early legs. Now, the teams would fly North America for some double decker bus fun. Would they fly East to the States for the finale? Or does Jerry Bruckheimer hand out the big check on the set of Con Air II in Amsterdam?

Also...while doing a search on Yahoo, I got listings for Wednesday's episode of The Early Show. Translation: one team gets the axe tomorrow. First time we got a Philimination the week before the finale since Derek & Drew in TAR3. Aside from the prayers than Uchenna & Joyce not get whacked, what does this mean for next week? It's usually two legs for the two-hour finale. Would Phil enforce the mugging in other non-elimination legs, taking the money and possessions of the last-place teams? Will be get a double leg? Possibilities abound...and it'll be one rockin' finale, whether you're watching alone, with friends, or at one of the TARCons. More on that by the end of the week.

The Apprentice

Can you say "anticlimax"? Kendra has done darn near everything right this season. Her competition? We got Tana, our toothy Mary Kay saleslady whose stock has fallen in the last few weeks. By the way, my home borough of Staten Island is the only place to get Bedazzler beads. Thanks for sharing, Tana. The other would-be flunky is Craig, Seriously, no. The guy has only been Project Manager twice, he garbles a lot, and he's been treating Kendra like a small, dull-witted child in the last month. It's the Koror/Ulong effect...he's been on the winning team for practically forever, and better contestants get Trumped out of the game. You could make a case for Alex over Craig. Ditto with Bren and Angie.

I like Tana a lot, but I can't see her winning. If it makes her feel better, she can whip anybody from the prior season...including defending champ Kelly "Check The Box!" Perdew. It's eerie...I've only known one Kendra in my life. Now, we have one who won a reality show (Ms. Bentley or TAR6), and another on the verge of winning. The only real suspense is if Chris will go nuts and beat up people in the crowd during the reunion. Hopefully, he could beat Danny upside the head with his own guitar.

Survivor: Palau

Ding, dong, the Steph is gone. If you got a problem with that, take it up with Koror. Conventional wisdom says take out the Rupert this case, Tom the firefighter/savior of the series. But no...after all the alliance talks, Stephenie gets the heave-ho. I'm okay with this...I've been on the Tom bandwagon since the first week. He's studly, a dangerous competitor in challenges, and a kickass provider. Who doesn't love him? (Coby, put your hand down.)

CBS is pumping a shocking finish for Thursday's episode. I'm hoping Tom or Ian don't walk the plank. I know that the show is not about who's the best competitor, or who's the best strategist. But come on...does anybody not related to Jenn want her to win? Or Caryn? Katie? Gregg's the guy who went on about how people are important for getting him his money...but compared to the other two guys, he's an empty pair of trunks. Anything other than Tom vs. Ian on Day 39 will be a sad anticlimax to an otherwise stellar season. The father figure vs. the lanky Darth Vader going up against Luke Skywalker, without the maiming.

That's that. I'm hopin' Tina whups on Dan tonight. Seriously, he's been a dick in the past two weeks, AND he called Real World heartthrob Danny Roberts a "four foot-tall bitch from New Orleans." That's way past the point of no return for me.

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Anonymous said...

I think Tom deserves to win because his fellow teammates are morons! He's a threat- he's a provider, a strong competitor, a leader, and a strong player of the game! Tom is Tarzan! He could have been on that queer Fabio reality show to appear on those stupid-ass romance covers. Unfortunately, I think Ian will sell him out come final four...

And after how Tonya and Dan have acted for these past two months, there's no way that I can feel any sympathy for either of the two. Tina is officially on my shit list since banning together with Verantula and the Butterface Bull-Dike (BBD)! And to think that Tina was actually cool during the BOTS 2; particularly when she voted to send BBD home!

Interesting that the previews were for the remaining challenges/infernoes, instead of what's happening next week. We've seen too much of Mike, Abe and Brad doing different stuff.... and nothing of Dan. I think its very certain that Abe wins the lifeshield (either on his own, or his team successfully throws the mission) and sends Pee Wee's sissy ass in to the next endgame. Expect B to meet his demise during the last male inferno, and J/M to lose the last female inferno.