Tuesday, May 17, 2005

TARCon: Neuroses in Paradise

It's been almost a week since last Tuesday and TARCon7. You might be wondering why I didn't get to it right away. The truth? I didn't have as much fun as I would've wanted.

This isn't a slam on the organizers. They do a fab job with the passing of each season. Heck, one of them drafted me to check in people take reciepts...and she didn't seem too bothered when I created a logjam. Here's the thing: my brain is screwy. It's like I can't be totally happy at any given time...like the other shoe has to drop. And it did.

Before TARCon 6, I needed help. The batteries in my digital camera got drained all the time. I remember TARCon 4, where I had to hit a Duane Reade for fresh batteries, and ran right into John Vito. I asked around, and got lithium batteries. I took lots of pics that night, even though the outcome was horribly depressing (Freddy & Kendra winning and not bothering to show up). The only other pics I took between then and last week was at the fencing demo. And wouldn't you know it...they went dead on me. Worst feeling in the world...to have Brian & Greg on either side of me, to have the camera die, to end up losing those lovable lunkheads. So there I was...waiting out Uchenna & Joyce, so I could make a run to Penn Station to see if anything was open. No go. Good news? Found a vendor outside. Bad news? Six bucks for two packs of AA batteries, and the first pair got drained. So there I am, taking a pic, popping the batteries out, waiting for an photo op, popping the batteries back in, setting the time and date, taking the pic/getting the pic taken, lather, rinse, repeat. Not a good time. Here are the usable pics. Just so you know, I wasn't faking the smile

I think another part of the malaise is the Uchenna/Joyce backlash. Some folks are not liking them winning the Race...some seem them as ungracious winners, what with the "hey, the good guys DID win!" talk. It's like I need something along the lines of a Chip & Kim victory...something where we can cheer for out conqueroring heroes for slaying the two-headed dragon from Texas. You know what? Screw it...hooray for Uchenna & Joyce. I heard Ramber got paid big-time just for showing up. Those two shouldn't have been in the damn Race to begin with. Back when I was recapping, most of my collegaues didn't see the harm. I can't say that I saw Rob's luck coming. But it was bascially everybody versus those two. Hell, I'd be whispering "Uchenna & Joyce, Uchenna & Joyce" at the finish line just like Patrick. Those two get their happy ending, Ramber has their wedding, and the producers will think twice stripping a team of their stuff before the final leg. Weirdly enough, Survivor: Palau ended the same way: the fan fave wins, but not in the best possible way.

Next post, I'll hit the fun stuff. Rambling talks about shaving heads and me having hair my whole life. Running into a graduation party at 8:30 p.m. and two fellas from South Carolina at 1 a.m. Wall-to-wall bald and balding ex-reality stars. Oh, and two readers of mine who went, "Dude, where didja go?!?" That always put me in a good mood.

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