Sunday, February 27, 2005


You know the laptop I got fixed? shut down on me. Again. I tried to get back on, all I got was a blue screen and a dead end. Couldn't go online in safe mode. I was able to get on later, but it's too late now. I called Dell, and they're sending a box. I put the laptop in the box, along with the power cord, and I send it to the magical land of Dell to get fixed. Meanwhile, I have to hack away on an old laptop. I was doing OK before...then it froze. Then it gave me grief. I feel lucky to be on it right now.

What the hell did I do to overheat the damn laptop? Seriously, is it a sign that I go online too often? That I wear computers down to their chips and bits? What will it take for me not to have bad luck?

The worst part...I could be without Net access from home. On weekdays, I go to the library at least once...gets me some exercise walking back and forth. But that's during the day. At night, I could have nothing. I'd have to make more trips, hit TWoP and waste minutes reading all the posts first. And this will put a cramp in my recap style, I'm sure of it.

Just needed to vent. I did the "Good Guys" overview on the messed-up laptop...all I have to do is convert it to Word, put it on disk and save it on this laptop. Now if you'll excuse me, my head and a wall have a date.

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Hey, do some Yu-Gi-Oh! stuff over here.