Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Odds & Ends

Second post...looks like I might get the hang of this yet.

Anybody else see the commercials for Inferno 2? MTV is presenting it as a comic book. Guys, I already have a nexus between reality televisions and comics, and his name is Judd Winick. So please...don't ruin it for me. Topic? Oh, right. Right now, I'm aiming to write a brief overview of Inferno 2 on Friday, covering the basics and the format changes. After that, I'll preview the two teams going into it, these so-called "Bad Asses" and "Good Guys." I have issues about the selections. More on that later this week.

Tomorrow, I'll try and briefly cover Mark Burnett's babies: The Apprentice and Survivor: Palau. Notice the word "briefly." I'm not that good recapping hour-long shows, so I leave that to the experts. For Survivor, I reckon it'll be an improvement over the dreadful Vanuatu season. I liked Chris and Twila, but there wasn't much else. On the bright side, I can see how many times CBS can cram Rob & Amber down my throat in one hour. Happily, over on The Apprentice, Donald Trump has done the unthinkable: fired four bozos who had it comin'. This time last season, he had some questionable kills with Stacie J. How good is Trump this season? Put it this away...the pain of Freddy & Kendra winning The Amazing Race was unbearable, but watching that beeyotch Kristen walk the plank numbed me quite nicely.

As for my comic-inclined breathen? Today was a good day...five comics, no duds, and even the "Krypto" episode of Smallville was pretty good (bad news: next week has Lana Lang emulating Zhang Ziyi). If you're looking for something self-contained, I recommend Livewires #1. It's basic table-setting, but this miniseries looks to kick some ass. I've been a fan of Adam Warren since his days on Gen13, and it's good to have him and Rick Mays back on a title. Now if only Priest can go back to humor and nonlinear timelines.

Not a bad second entry. Now if only I can figure out how to put up my fave sites on the side...

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