Friday, February 25, 2005


I'm logging in from the library right now. My laptop is in the shop, getting reinstalled. Honestly, I hope that fixes things. Otherwise, I'll have to get another computer...which is dicey, seeing how I don't have an ongoing gig as of yet.

Here's the sucky part...there's a chance that I might not get the laptop back until Monday. The thought makes me really twitchy. I can get Net access at the libraries, even on Sunday. But it's for such a short time...and I seem to prefer wasting my nights going online. Maybe the shutdowns are a sign that I should lay off for a while. Or maybe I was supposed to be Amish. In addition to the computer woes, I'm having trouble with the DVD. I watch a movie through sixteen chapters, and then it goes sideways on me. Try the laptop? Same problem. Blockbuster probably has about 100 copies of what I wanted, and I went 0-for-2. Maybe I'm a walking EMP wave, breaking down technology wherever I want.

Eh, I'll probably get things back to normal tonight...poking through drawers to find any CDs that I missed. Then I can waste my weekend getting set for the Inferno 2 preview on Monday. Only saw one commercial, but it looks like a welcome relief from the 50-car pileup that was Battle of the Sexes 2. Also, I'll try and write about the upcoming season of The Amazing Race. Have you seen the new commercial? CBS goes on about how people think there's nothing good on TV anymore. There's Reichen & Chip breaking down after winning TAR4. There's Charla giving her elimination speech. There's Gus and Don weeping. There's Aaron proposing to Hayden. Okay, that last one didn't belong. Anyway, we can all put TAR6 behind us and concentrate on what really matters: hoping really hard that Rob & Amber get taken out early.


The good news? I got the laptop back. Bad news? Now I have to reinstall stuff from online...and it's a lot. Right now, I'm doing Flash and McAfee. Dunno why I bother with media players, since the 56K connection turns most movies into radio events. That's a shame...especially since is doing an online show after Inferno 2 airs. Finally, I have competition...and the guy hosting it isn't a total tool! But I probably won't be able to watch! Damn!

That's it for now. I'll try and get the "good guys" covered before the preview special. Neither sleet nor snow nor computer meltdowns shall keep me from hacking at BMP flunkies.

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