Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The A-To-Z Challenge 2016: Best of P

I'm phoning it in again today. I don't have more than two sketches from any artist whose last name starts with the letter "P," so screw it, I'll post a small selection. Things should clear up on Thursday.

Carlos Pacheco

I got a sketch from Carlos at Comic-Con International in 2003. This was back when Arrowsmith was out penciled by him and written by Kurt Busiek. It wasn't on par with Astro City, but it was a nice creator-owned miniseries. This is the rock creature Rocky Rakhrakhmata.

Greg Pak

Greg is another critically acclaimed writer with semi-decent drawing skills. I've gotten two sketches from him at MoCCA: Hulk in 2008, and Amadeus Cho (the current Hulk) in 2011.

Jimmy Palmiotti

Two sketches from Jimmy: the first Kyle Rayner I ever asked for (taken from the Secret Society of Superheroes Elseworlds miniseries, which Jimmy inked) and Iron Man without his helmet.

Yanick Paquette

I met Yanick at New York Comic Con in 2007. I wound up getting Bulleteer from him; this was back when I was trying to get all the main characters from Grant Morrison's maxiseries Seven Soldiers. The only other memory I have of Yanick was later that year in Toronto, when I was trying to find my sketchbook.

Rick Parker

Back in the day, Rick was the artist of Marvel's Beavis and Butt-head series. I had a blank-covered copy of Avengers Assemble #1 on hand, and I was in the mood for some crossover fun.

Patrick Thomas Parnell
Speaking of crossovers, I came to Patrick with the idea of dressing up the main cast from One Piece as American comic book characters. I asked for Franky as DC Comics hero Cyborg, and I liked the result.
Pere Perez
Originally, I was asking artists for sketches of Transformers I owned as a kid. I intended to do the same for G.I. Joe figures, but it stalled with this sketch of Alpine. The only other Joes and Cobras I remember having were Clutch, Tollbooth (with the Bridgelayer), Frostbite (with the Snow Cat; the guy who wasn't Snowjob or Iceberg) and Crimson Guardsman. When I came to Larry Hama, I just asked him for Snake Eyes.
Khoi Pham
Here's another sketch of Amadeus Cho. I was picking up trade paperbacks of The Incredible Hercules with Amadeus in a supporting role, and Khoi was penciling Mighty Avengers, which also featured Herc and Amadeus.
Warren Pleece
I had gotten a copy of Incognegro from DC Comics, back when I was reviewing graphic novels for Beyond Race Magazine. It's a must-read about a black writer passing himself off as white while undercover in the 1930s, as he reported on lynchings in the South. I met Warren and author Mat Johnson at New York Comic Con in 2008, and I got this sketch of Zane Pinchback from Warren.
Krissy Puff
This was back when I was seeking out sketches of South Park characters as the various ring-wielding heroes and villains from DC Comics. Krissy completed the theme for me with White Lantern Kenny. While I didn't tell her that the costume was just for White Lantern Animal Man (hence the "A" on Kenny's front), she did a bang-up job. You can read about my concept here.
George Perez
I'm amazed that I got anything from this legend. When I came to New York Comic Book Marketplace in 2012, a fellow collector let me know that George was sketching headshots at an affordable rate, and I wound up spending a few hours on line for the privilege. I had some random stuff in my bag, and I wound up giving him Storm as a reference. Special shout-out to Andreas G. for putting up with my blathering while we waited on the line.
THE REST: Paul Pelletier (one sketch from the CrossGen booth), Jamal Peppers (a quick in-store freebie), Ramon Perez (convention freebie), Rich Perrotta (two), Brandon Peterson (another CrossGen sketch), Bill Plympton (quick doodle from the cartoonist), Howard Porter (quick sketch from the JLA penciler), Michelle Poust (second Death Note-themed sketch I received).

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