Friday, April 29, 2016

The A-To-Z Challenge 2016: Y

One more day until the end of the A-To-Z Challenge. I have four artists under "Y," so let's see their sketches. Apologies for the lack of profiles as I near the finish.

Kelly Yates

Kelly was one of the artists involved in IDW's Doctor Who: The Forgotten, which spotlighted all ten of the Doctor's incarnations. I was getting the Doctors sketched around the time I was at Comic-Con International in 2009, and I hit up Kelly for the Sixth Doctor, as played by Colin Baker.

Katerina Yeizarov

I met Katerina at AnimeNEXT last year. I meant to get Jabra from One Piece in my book, but she wound up drawing him on different material.

Stephanie Yue

I briefly met Stephanie at MoCCA Arts Fest in 2007. She had contributed to the Life Meter minicomic, which centered on video games, and I asked for Dashing Prince from Katamari Damacy.

Steve Yurko

I wound up meeting Steve twice at the Javits Center in 2014 . . . Special Edition NYC (the comic-intensive convention held by Reed Expo) and New York Comic Con. Steve had One Piece prints on sale, so I went to references from that anime for him to work on . . . including something for my "Straw Hat Pirates as American Comics Characters" theme, Nami as Catwoman.

Jason Yungbluth

It's been ages since I've seen Jason. I picked up a few of his comics at shows: Deep Fried and Weapon Brown (his post-apocalyptic take on Peanuts). He also wrote a Green Lantern story in the anthology Bizarro World, prompting me to ask for the only Hal Jordan sketch I will probably ever own.


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