Saturday, April 30, 2016

The A-To-Z Challenge 2016: Z

This is it. I know that I didn't get too much traffic here, but I'd like to thank those who visited this site. I'm thinking of doing a few "bonus" profiles in the days to come. I don't know what I'd do for an encore. At least I'll have eleven months to think it over.

Jeff Zornow

Jeff comes to Comic Book Jones every once in a while for signings. The only time I got something from him was in October 2014. I had gotten an Ice Warrior figure from a Doctor Who blind box, and I gave that and a few 2-D references to him. I think they were from "Cold War" because those were easier to find than old-school images.

Thom Zahler

I confess to never getting into Thom's Love and Capes comics. He does good commission work, though. Also, he's a fan of Arrow, so I decided to get Felicity Smoak from him.

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Congratulations on completing the challenge!
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