Friday, April 22, 2016

The A-To-Z Challenge 2016: Tim Smith 3

For some reason, Tim Smith 3 does not show up on my ComicArtsFan page. I haven't seen him in person in a while. The first sketch I got from him was of the second Starman at MoCCA in 2010. He did a good job . . . except for the part where he mistook the fin coming from the character's head for hair. The next time I saw him, he put white tape over the area and drew in the fin. I've been too lazy to rescan and replace the original sketch.

I didn't let the mistake deter me from Tim. While I didn't hit him up as often as his usual convention neighbors Chris Giarrusso and Jacob Chabot, I wound up getting four more sketches from him . . . including Jean Grey/Phoenix and Tye Longshadow from the Young Justice animated series.

Tim did two of my most epic commissions I have ever received. At Wizard World in Philadelphia in 2011, I gave him references for Rory Williams from Doctor Who in Roman centurion garb and The Pandorica. The result was nothing short of awesome.

Later that year, I met Tim at New York Comic Con. This time, I gave him references for characters of two Adam Reed-produced shows: Xander Crews/Awesome X from Frisky Dingo and Sterling Archer (Archer). Until recently, the sketch had been the most-viewed piece on my CAF account, and for good reason.

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Tim Sale (two sketches I won at the Hero Initiative booth), Tom Scioli (one sketch of the whale Green Lantern from Last Days Of Animal Man), Damion Scott (four), Nicola Scott (two, including Junior from Secret Six that unnerved her and Gail Simone), Josh Shockley (Concept: "Hey, what would be cooler than the Doctor on a triceratops? The Doctor on a robotic triceratops!"),  Dezi Sienty (this painted Superman to kick off my fourth book), R. Sikoryak (two commissions featuring George W. Bush and Barack Obama), Walt Simonson (seven quick head shots), Jeff Smith (just one sketch of Fone Bone), Chris Sprouse (epic freebie of Green Lantern from Kingdom Come), Cameron Stewart  (two sketches), Gary Swarer (three; two from One Piece).

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