Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The A-To-Z Challenge 2016: Phil Jimenez

Once again, I'm a little light letter-wise. Spoiler alert: I'm just going to show off all my sketches when I get to "O."

Truth be told, I haven't had much contact with Phil Jimenez, who has been a mainstay for Marvel and DC Comics for almost two decades. In fact, I have him down on my CAF account as "Phil Jiminez," which is something I'm going to correct. All three of my sketches are Wonder Woman-related, starting with Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandsmark) from 2002 . . .

. . . and continuing with Donna Troy/Troia in 2006, complete with what I like to call Donna's "cosmic dandruff."

Finally, in 2010, I had just read Blackest Night, and I hit Phil up for Wonder Woman as a Star Sapphire. Considering he only gave me a sketch from the neck up, I'd say it came out better than a full-body commission. Star Sapphires were not known for their modesty at that time.

HONORABLE MENTION: Jason (real name: John Arne Sæterøy, though he's filed under "J"; I got two quick sketches from him), Nikkol Jelenic (one sketch: this great female Thor headshot), Geoff Johns  (two sketches; not bad for a writer), Dave Johnson  (one: the obligatory "Batman from Superman: Red Son with Russian hat" that he probably had to do all the time in the mid-2000s). J.G. Jones (one: this nice Cheshire headshot).

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