Monday, April 04, 2016

The A-To-Z Challenge 2016: Danielle Corsetto

I keep connected to a group of peers that I originally met twenty years ago, on a forum devoted to Kingdom Come (my pick for  miniseries of the Nineties) that would eventually evolve into Comic Book Resources. Going into New York Comic Con 2006, I asked if there were any artists I should hit up. One of them suggested a friend of his, Danielle Corsetto. I had never heard of her at the time, nor was I familiar with her webcomic, Girls With Slingshots. I came to her with a copy or two of Livewires (Adam Warren's fun mini from Marvel), and she gave me a very nice commission of Social Butterfly.

I would meet her at further conventions, and we would meet at events centering on Wild Pig Comics in Kenilworth, NJ. She was always game to draw whatever character I would ask for . . . like Monkey Woman from Who Wants To Be A Superhero? and Knockout from Secret Six.

 I would eventually become a fan of GWS, drawn into the story of twentysomethings trying to figure out their lives. Danielle would bring in fun elements, like weird cats and a cactus with a sombrero and mustache that spoke in an Irish accent. Over time, I got sketches from her of the comic's characters.

It got to a point where I was willing to break habits with Danielle. For instance, I asked her to draw Batgirl for me in 2011, four years after I got her to do Oracle, Barbara Gordon's online alter ego.
I wouldn't call Danielle a feminist. She just found it harder to draw male (human) characters. Whenever I was on a book kick, like Kingdom Come and the Scott Pilgrim series, she would come through huge for me.

In recent years, Danielle has written original graphic novels for BOOM! Studios based on the breakout animated hit, Adventure Time. I've gotten two sketches from her based on that, including a very sweet piece with Flame Princess and her father.
I've run out of things to say, so I'm just going to post the rest of the sketches I've gotten from Danielle. All in all, they total 24, which I believe is the second-highest amount I've gotten from an individual artist.
Our paths have not crossed since early 2014, but I know that when we're at the same show/signing/convention, I can go to her with references in hand, and she will deliver.
HONORABLE MENTIONS: Zander Cannon (three Top Ten-themed sketches), Jacob Chabot (eighteen; I'm going to circle back to him eventually), Cliff Chiang (nine), Amanda Conner (three awesome sketches, featuring characters from Kingdom Come and Livewires), Katie Cook (four mini-sketches; she always draws a crowd at her table), Darwyn Cooke (one sketch of Martian Manhunter from The New Frontier, the most I've ever shelled out for a commission), Vincenzo Cucca (only met him once at Wizard World Philadelphia in 2003, where he kept churning out sketches of Sephie from CrossGen's Meridian that were each unique).
PS: Sorry about the sketches' positions. I keep trying to even things out, but it's a challenge.

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